GTAV e GTA Online chegam hoje ao PS5

Get GTA Online for free* exclusively on PS5, plus details on a 7-day PlayStation Plus trial.
Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online arrive for PlayStation 5 today with a host of new improvements for new and returning players — plus, GTA Online is free* exclusively on PlayStation 5 through June 14 — meaning there’s never been a better time to experience all that GTA Online has to offer. From the new Career Builder’s Criminal Careers through to GTA Online’s latest adventure, The Contract featuring Dr. Dre, as well as the game’s 40+ massive updates since launch, there’s something in GTA Online for everyone.
Players who redeem GTA Online Standalone on PS5 and don’t have an active PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to claim a 7-day PlayStation Plus trial** from in-game starting today.
Steps to claim:
1.   Load GTA Online on your PS5.
2.   Load online multiplayer and the game will link you to a PlayStation Store page if you don’t have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.
3.   Claim your 7-day PlayStation Plus trial — at end of trial, subscription continues automatically unless cancelled.
Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online go further on PlayStation 5 with a host of features that take special advantage of the PlayStation 5 console.
The power of PlayStation 5 delivers new levels of fidelity and performance, allowing for the new graphics modes to deliver up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second gameplay, HDR lighting options, ray tracing, texture upgrades, and more.
Jump into the action faster thanks to PlayStation 5’s SSD, with improved loading times allowing the world of Los Santos and Blaine County to load in faster than ever before.
Feel every moment of the action through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers and advanced haptic feedback, giving players the ability to experience new sensations such as changes in the road surface texture, additional sensations from specific weather effects, directional damage, feedback from explosions, and more.
Hear the action with pinpoint precision with Tempest 3D AudioTech — the throttle of a stolen supercar, the rattle of nearby gunfire, the roar of a helicopter overhead, and more.
It all starts with the new Career Builder. For new players, or anyone who’d like a fresh start, the Career Builder helps you get set up with the equipment you need to kick off your rise through the criminal ranks across Los Santos and Blaine County.
You begin by choosing from one of four criminal career paths in GTA Online: Executive, Gunrunner, Nightclub Owner, or Biker. From there, you’ll receive a cool GTA$4,000,000 to invest in crafting your illicit business, starting with a business property, a vehicle, and a weapon — with enough spare change for some upgrades and maybe a little left over.
Once you’re comfortable with your choices, head straight onto the streets of Los Santos to take on the missions and get your business established. Of course, you can expand your business at any time and take on new careers as you progress up the city’s criminal food chain.
Learn more about the new Career Builder here.
If you have been working to build up your career over previous generations, continuing your journey on PlayStation 5 is easy. If you already have a Rockstar Games Social Club account, you will be able to migrate your GTA Online character progress from a previous generation console to PS5 upon loading up the game. This one-time migration includes any Characters, GTA$, Progression, Stats, Vehicles, Properties, Weapons, Clothing, and Player-Created Jobs***.
PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to transfer both their GTAV Story Mode progress and their current GTA Online characters and progression to PS5 with a one-time migration.
Players can transfer their Story Mode progress by uploading a save to the Rockstar Games Social Club. To begin this process, enter GTAV on your current PS4 account and go to the Game tab of the Pause Menu. From there, select the Upload Save Game option. Please note, you can only store one game save per platform at a time and saves will remain available to download for 90 days.
 Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are available today on PS5. Download your free* copy of GTA Online on the PS5 console store now. 
*Offer available from March 15, 2022 until June 14, 2022. Download from PS5 console store. PlayStation Plus required to play (recurring fees apply).
**7 day PlayStation Plus trial will be available to claim once per eligible person, exclusively via in-game of GTA Online Standalone on PS5 from 15 March 2022 until 14 May 2022. PlayStation Plus is a paid-for ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee, which after the expiry of the 7 day trial is charged automatically (at the then-current PS Store price) every month until canceled. Full terms apply: see PSN Terms of Service and PlayStation Plus Usage Terms at

***For GTA Online platform migrations, purchased GTA$ can only be transferred between platforms of the same family (PS4 to PS5). All earned GTA$ will transfer regardless of platform.

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i load into gta online and it redirects me but i dont see an option for the 7 day trial just 1 month,3 months and a year
Same here
PlayStation/RockStar you should fix it. It only shows me one month,three months and twelve months.
That’s not all that should be fixed:
“*Offer available from March 15, 2022 until June 14, 2022. Download from PS5 console store.”
Is this some sort of sick joke? People are having a hard time finding a PS5 due to low stock secondary to a chip shortage. And they’re ONLY letting you download GTA Online from the PS5 store.
Not only that Zan, but you can’t even buy the full PS5 game from the site.
Sorry you have have lost it. Wanting people to buy the game for a THIRD TIME.
What, more than $6 billion wasn’t enough?
Take Two and Rockstar need to take a break and look at what it has become.
You don’t see steam turn in to a frowned upon company because of money and fame, so what is your excuse, take & rock?
I’m unable to buy the game…
I got the online version and when I tried to buy the full game it would prompt “sorry something went wrong, try later” I’m trying since the time it was available for pre order 😔
Now the PS5 version has finally come out, just get on the main screen of the GAME GTA V for the PS4 version, then three dots – select version – PS5 version – and for less than $10 we’ll have a full next gen version of this game. This is good thing for people like me, who bought the game a long time ago, but who didn’t start to play one of three unique characters in this amazing game, because of the many PS exclusuve games through the cycle of PS4/PS4PRO console, or to play just 1/3 of this game – to continue their progress where they left off, – or, simply, for people who have never played GTA V (generally on the consoles)… Therefore, it’s the best recipe for all gamers who never got into the world of this unique game, in criminally, humorous and hopefully paradoxical world of “The New World Order in the US,” – to buy the game on a mobile app (version for PS4) and upgrade the same for 10$ to the next gen version, which seems to work best on – one of the better TV’s, such as the LG OLED 55 CX, SAMSUNG QLED, SONY BRAVIA with Dolby Vision upgrade etc…
Greedy, but one of the best game developers: Rockstar Studio…
To fix this error: unhook ps, toss under lawnmower.
In order for me to play I have to buy ps plus. U guys a billion dollar company and u want me to buy a membership even though you said it’s free?
This comment has nothing to do with this topic as it has more to do with the serivice they provide on playstation. I made a payment for 2 games in which my payments were somehow cancelled. So I tried to make a payment with a debit card as well as the method they provide to you to resolve the problem and be able to “unbanned” my account. I bought the $210 I owe and when it came to paying it they will NOT take it. This is the worst service I have ever seen for a gaming service, one understandable problem and they take your account. Now I can’t play games I paid for… thanks for stealing what I paid for SONY.
Also this is a new account I had to make to comment on this sadly as they immediately cut me off from all forms of communication and payment of my debt on the account to have my account again.
You need to call into Playstation Customer Service, not leave random post it notes in random blog posts.
They do not read blog posts.
And before you say they won’t help you, I called in January and got a bunch of refunds i needed. So it is a matter of directing your energy in the right place.
they don’t do any feedback in the blogs beyond deleting messages at the devs/ publishers behest or in rare cases the employee of dev or publisher will respond to super positive posts from players.
nothing more nothing less been that way since before they merged all the blogs.
call in my guy, get your account and games sorted.
Eh. I’ll wait for the ps6 remaster.
the offline campaign still looks ps3 bones the 60fps and loading is really what you are getting here.
Still ok for those that never played it to get it for a tenner but for me finished it on ps4 in 2016 and zero interest in online it has to remain a pass.
the claims of rtx made me laugh when i looked at gameplay, as for the haptics and triggers i cannot assume more than just ok and given i find the tiggers to be trash gimmick outside of a few racing games this whole thing is basically a ps4 patch / recompile for the loading.
Triggers are 82% gimmick.
Haptic over Vibrate = benefit of 🤡🤡 vs 🤡🤡🤡
How about no?
Can’t find the full game on PSN Store via website. The search results only show Playstation 4 for full game ans GTA online for PlayStation 4. No Playstation 5 version on PSN Store via website.
“*Offer available from March 15, 2022 until June 14, 2022. Download from PS5 console store.”
Is this some sort of sick joke? People are having a hard time finding a PS5 due to low stock secondary to a chip shortage. And they’re ONLY letting you download GTA Online from the PS5 store. Wow.
Extremely disappointed. God awful after waiting all this time plus a delay. It’s way past time for this game to die. Look in the mirror and see the reason we’re not on GTA 7 by now.
Meh, no way to claim Online for free through web browser. 🫠
Yeah, there doesn’t seem a way to claim it on the website as I don’t have a PS5 yet. 😕
“*Offer available from March 15, 2022 until June 14, 2022. Download from PS5 console store.”
What a joke!
Old 17
مش بتظهر لي للتحميل وانا مشترك بلس
واللعبه لاتظهر يقول لم يتم العثور علي ما تبحث عنه مع ان الصورة الخاص باللعبه موجود لكن ليس موجود كلمه تحميل ما السبب
PlayStation, all my friends weren’t lucky enough to get a ps5 and are still on ps4 I upgraded to this and now I can’t play with them anymore can y’all please fix this I can’t play with my friends
by design
Like skeetlejuice said “by design”. What he means by that is the way the game is made means you can’t add on other console versions of the same game because of the difference in hardware, software, and etc. Unfortunately this is the case with most games. So unless they make a new GTA universal console version this will not happen.
I am very confused!
We are told that the stand alone versions / online and separate story for ps5 are £8.75 … yet on the PSStore they want to charge me £9.00 for Story!
They are ripping us off.
You can only get into a private friends only lobby from the story too. It is not there in the online version.
Really disappointed you are jumping through hoops to keep PS Plus members that haven’t been able to get a PS5 from getting GTA Online while it’s free. Like.. why? What’s the point? Are you gonna start doing this with the monthly PS5 games too?
You have 3 months to take advantage of the deal, perhaps if you put the effort into getting a ps5 you might find one in 90 days.
You are obviously mad cannot as of right now just flag the online version through the browser version of psn, and if that remains the case then they absolutely intend for that.
just like how destiny 2 requires plus but is a f2p game.
I would say try it again later this month, most likely an oversight, but then again take 2 are greedy knts.
As for the regular ps5 plus offerings what incentive would sony have to switch now. If they were gonna do that it would have been when they started ps5 games on plus.
You can get a ps5 and they are producing them ongoing, but they will not just fall in your lap especially as sony fans are still competing with professional and kijiji wannabe scalpers. I got one 2 days before Christmas at a brick and mortar, you basically need to be looking daily / weekly in your area / region and look at the same types of stuff scalpers are, like stock checking tools etc. Big first party launch games also tend to have more system allocations with them. Like Horizon FW and GT7.
Good luck.
i’ve also seen in my area local regular people playing at scalper wanting to cash out and accepting $50-80 profit so that may be acceptable to you.
I had to take a 2 game bundle with mine, but i got to trade in my pro towards the bundle for a high value.
If you don’t get one and have ps4 pro, your just missing a few ps5 games, the system isn’t sent from god or anything.
You could get a ps5 with observation-dedication, and some money.
But I wouldn’t.
Of course you wouldn’t with 0 trophies.
But for those of us that actually play Playstation games, having a ps5 has value.
I guess, if you think you’re right, it must be true.
Because there’s no other explanation why I wouldn’t post controversial comments from my account that I’ve had since Nov. 2006.
Good to know that your life is mellow and no-life enough to look up the gamer tag I use for commenting.
Was that the only “angle of attack” that you could use to attack a comment of mine that wasn’t even aimed near your face?
Just an FYI for any confused folks out there: GTA Online is not a regular PS plus game. It is a free download, but only from the PS5 store on a PS5 console. You can not “add to library” and download later, like most regular PS Plus games, from the website or the app.
it would’ve been nice for Sony and Rockstar to convey this information beforehand. So for folks still trying to get a PS5, if you don’t get one in the next three months, you are S.O.L. for the free online version.
This is the second time they are doing this crap, first time was with FF7R upgrade offered later for PS+ users, except there’s no expiration date in that case, but never say never.
Please allow customers to purchase GTA V for PS5 from from the web store and mobile app. I don’t have a PS5 yet, but I want to buy the enhanced version at the temporary discounted rate. I already own the PS4 version.
Why is it fair that people who never purchased the game before are eligible for the discounted price simply because they own a PS5, but people who already purchased the game aren’t eligible because they don’t have a PS5 yet?
This is especially egregious considering that you are well aware that the PS5 still isn’t readily available to purchase.
Not to mention that this game is already one of the most financially successful entertainment products of all time.
Please do the right thing and make it available on the PS Store regardless of device during this promotional period.
also they never read or respond to blog posts, so it would need to be some massive twitter backlash or something for this to have any whiff of a change. At least it’s 3 months for the promo, could gave easily been a one week launch promo or preorder bs like is standard these days.
They actually do read blog posts. Someone pointed out an error, and the editor replied back in the comments.
You can probably still find the post.
Don’t listen to Skeetle. She thinks her opinions are facts.
I second this. This is ridiculous. They didn’t write anything about a PS5 exclusivity in previous news, we were expecting it to appear in the webstore just like 99,99% of other PS5 content. This is the second time i’m seeing this BS after the FF7R upgrade for PS+ users available exclusively through the console. Meanwhile i can get literally ANYTHING ELSE from the webstore. I pray that you don’t start giving away PS5 games exclusively through PS5. We are PAYING for the subscription, so we have the right to concern and hoard games. We don’t want to go back to before January 2013 when the webstore and the app were not existing.
I don’t know if this has happened to you. But I bought gta 5 on the ps store
And rn after I pre order the ps5 version
I have to pay 9.99 Dollars for a game I have already
GTA online will not work at all on my ps5
I am gta5 you games
Hello, i am Castlevania and you movie.
I am gta5 you games like now that Yes
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Nice one. How about not being a jerk yourself and not taking the games off the accounts from your customers in Russia?
I own a digital edition PS5 and let me ask you something. How am I supposed to buy and play games? Move countries? Moreover I can not get my money back from the wallet, and can not spend it. This is ridiculous. Play obviously has limits.
Air_Alarm, blame you-know-who and protest in public squares, there’s nothing else you can do.
I have a question, will the new GTAV have a dvd for Sony 5
Why is it telling me that I can’t purchase the ps5 edition? Anyone else having this problem?
Shame I can’t get a ps5 to try this, Sony please make more ps5’s
Why can’t I download the free standalone GTA online ps5 game? Don’t even see it in the store? May somebody provide a link?
Thank you
Another PS5 game that requires an actual PS5 to redeem/download? You didn’t learn anything from the Final Fantasy VII Remake PS+ upgrade fiasco, did you?
And we can’t even BUY this new version of GTA5 if we want. Meanwhile it’s normally available through a certain rival store website.
Literally dumbfounded, why would you not let it be known that the game would not be backwards compatible/cross play capable with PS4. I’m literally the only one of my friends who have a PS5 and you guys basically just spilt the playerbase with the most confusing decision ever. Totally killed the update for me they seriously could have kept this update. Thanks Rockstar!!! Will not be buying this when the update is no longer free!
I can’t get it because I had GTA V PS4 on disc, what can I do to rectify this?
It’s not a redeemable upgrade.
Still can’t get a ps5 lmfao. I’m sure I’ll see this on the next Xbox new gen. Sony is out of my life for good.
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