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Hi-Fi Rush pode estar apenas insinuando The Evil Within 3

Chai tease.
Hi-Fi Rush is unquestionably fab, but developer Tango Gameworks’ rhythm-action treat might just be a little bit fabber than we all initially thought if a newly made discovery turns out to be the cheeky tease for a new The Evil Within game some are interpreting it to be.
As noted by GamesRadar, Hi-Fi Rush features one particular cinematic – situated just before Track 11: The Needle Drop – in which a news ticker can be spotted on a screen as protagonist Chai and his crew ride an elevator up to the game’s final boss.
It’s a brief, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but as the camera cuts to a close-up of the screen, the words “Sequel to popular survival horror franchise announced” scroll into view.
Now, for those still lagging behind, Tango Gameworks also created cult survival horror hit The Evil Within, designed by studio founder (and Resident Evil director) Shinji Mikami. A sequel arrived three years later in 2017, making The Evil Within the only possible candidate for anything you might describe as a “survival horror franchise” in the studio’s back catalogue.
Of course, given Hi-Fi Rush is already full of easter eggs – ranging from more The Evil Within to what I’m adamant is a Space Channel 5 Part 2 nod – there’s every chance in the world this is just a bit of meaningless cheekery from Tango Dreamworks as it riffs on Rush’s futuristic setting.
But then, maybe it’s not; maybe this really is the first whiff of confirmation that Tango Gameworks is working on a third The Evil Within instalment? I guess for the time being, just pick which future you’d prefer and we’ll go with that until more is revealed.
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