IGN lista os dez melhores jogos de mundo aberto

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Popular online gaming destination IGN has published what they deem to be the top ten best open world games so far. IGN”s list will provide an entertaining source of debate for weeks to come as not everyone will agree on the placements of certain games, or even the inclusion of some games. IGN says that the list was comprised by a number of internal staff and they looked at which games offered the best freedom, challenges, story and characters. You can view IGN’s staff choices below.
“Open-world games have come a long way over the years, offering more freedom to explore and in how we approach objectives, but what open-world titles have it all? The best open world, the best challenges, the best story, the best characters? IGN’s staff duked it out (in a professional manner, of course) to put together a list of the best open world games, looking at how they deliver as a complete package in letting us best get lost in a world, take over enemy outposts, and find a ridiculous way to outrun enemies. So without further ado, here are IGN’s picks for the top 10 open worlds games.”
I’m shocked that they would not do at least Pokémon Legends Arceus that’s more than a open world map game Pokémon Forever
That’s because it’s pokemon….Sure, you could say that Legends is one of the best pokemon games. But that’s only in comparison to other pokemon games.
In comparison to every other open world rpg, Legends doesn’t come anywhere near a top ten list nor does it warrant a spot on that list lol.
That sounds about right. Some people like me thinks Pokemon Legends Arceus feels like a open world too me.
Legends Arceus is not open world by any workable definiiton. It just has very large levels. Those levels are not organically connected in any way, you select them off a map with a load screen inbetween, and there is no freedom whatsoever in the order in which you complete your tasks.
Im shocked The Witcher is ranked higher then Skyrim and Dragons Dogma isn’t even on the list and neither is Cyberpunk.
The Witcher will never be Skyrim and Skyrim will never be Dragons Dogma. I use to be a Witcher like you until i took an arrow to the knee.
Apparently GTA warrants a spot on the list, but Cyberpunk and Dragons Dogma don’t.
I’d say Xoneblade Chronicles X should be on the list – nothing comes close to it in regards to an actually interesting world to explore and both story and gameplay were really great.
It honestly feels like everyone forgets that game exists. Is it because it was only on Wii U and only like 56 people played it?
Until the release of Elden Ring, I’d say Xenoblade Chronicles X was probably my favorite open world game, ever. I even enjoyed it more than Breath of the Wild.
Obviously meaningless list is obviously meaningless. There’s no criteria for what qualifies as better or worse, and they’re comparing games from completely different genres. Shoot, there isn’t even a hard definition of “open world”.


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