IGN parece incrivelmente animado com Super Mario Wonder em sua prévia informativa

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
The Super Mario Wonder-themed Nintendo Direct yesterday was brilliant giving us all a closer look at the vibrant first new 2D Mario platformer since Super Mario Bros. U launched alongside the Wii U back in November 2012. Long-time IGN staffer, Ryan McCaffrey, had the chance to indulge in an hour’s worth of Super Mario Wonder at a recent preview demo event in the USA and has come away from it noticeably hyped and enthusiastic about the elements that seem to make Super Mario Wonder so wonderful. In his preview, McCaffrey, even goes as far as to say that “even the small piece of was I able to experience has me ready to put aside every other one of the many big blockbuster games due this October.” Super Mario Wonder launches on Nintendo Switch on Friday, 20th October and you can watch Ryan’s five minute preview down below.
Dang seeing even more new gameplay I can see why it like it lol.
IGN is the worst place on the www for video game news and views. If you trust that place your a fool.
IGN = 1up
IGN = Budlight of the video game news sites.
It was more the positive nature of the preview from IGN, plus it was a decent preview, covering the basics in 5 minutes.
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