Inspire a mudança e leve esperança a uma cidade corrupta no Estado Revolucionário de Consolação

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Solace State is a 3D cyberpunk story-driven game about Chloe, a young hacker who empowers her friends and her city during a militarized biotech conspiracy. Your social engineering and relationship prowess amid escalating political tensions will lead to one of multiple endings, as you decide how Chloe will utilize her power of “social hacking”.
Over the course of the game, you will see a city on the precipice of revolution. Your choices shape the story as you dive deep into the personal relationships, storied communities, and political forces that make up the diverse landscape that is the fictional future city of Abraxa.
We want players to feel a connection with Chloe, to feel empowered in a state where corporate-sponsored militia threaten the freedoms of many. This is a story about finding hope in the people around you (maybe even love!), and influencing change in a corrupt society. In the eight years that the game took shape, the development team worked from the original idea that initially took root and inspired the game: wanting to examine some of our deepest hopes and fears for society, and the love of the human spirit.
By using the cyberpunk genre, we go back to the roots of “punk” to highlight queer, intersectional activism at the fringes that give hope to overcome seemingly insurmountable oppression and violence. The characters are inspired by real women, highlighting stories of powerful marginalized people challenging the status quo.
The story of Solace State is a web of relationships, political intrigue, and a cast of over 31 characters caught in the middle of it all. We want players to ask themselves; what is activism and responsible, moral truth? What does it mean to share your truth responsibly? Does a revolution need to be built on violence, or can hope win the day?
The player will find themselves fully immersed in the world not only through the choices they make and the people they meet, but also by cityscapes that look like impressionist paintings come to life and a moody electronic soundtrack that feels like it fits perfectly in the shadows of a cyberpunk city.
Revolutionaries can come join Chloe’s fight today, when Solace State launches on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.
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