Japão: controles do Nintendo Switch com tema do Snoopy chegando

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
Snoopy and Peanuts fans in Japan will soon see a range of Nintendo Switch controllers being released. Japanese fans can purchase either the Snoopy Wireless Controller in either Camo Blue or Pop Orange and there’s also a Snoopy Nintendo Switch pouch being made available. The Snoopy-themed controllers will retail for 6,490 yen each and the Snoopy Nintendo Switch carrying case will retail for 2,178 yen and will be available tomorrow. It is not clear yet whether these will be making their way to the west.
I love the graphic design artwork. I wanted a “custom PS5 Dragon Ball Z DuelScence controller” with scuf, pads, triggers etc. For a fully custom controller already assembled they wanted like $250
Sweet, i like Woodstock 🙂
I’ll save 50 bucks by buying a pack of snoopy stickers. While Im at it, I’ll get some metroid stickers and some ratfink stickers etc. and I can have a different theme every day..
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