Japão: Harvestella da Square Enix estreia em segundo lugar esta semana

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My Nintendo News
The latest boxed video game software and hardware charts are now in from the land of the rising sun and this week sees Nintendo return to the top of the hardware charts with the Switch family of systems. The Switch family shifted an additional 90,478 units on the back of some fairly big new releases (edit: also the release of the Pokemon Switch OLED Model launch), Harvestella arrived at No.2 on Nintendo Switch and Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom entered at No.3, again on Switch. Talking of the Nintendo Switch nearly all of this week’s top ten were Switch games the odd one out being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on PlayStation 4. Here’s the best selling software and hardware in Japan for the week of 24th October, 2022 to 30th October, 2022.
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Waiting to play Doaremon Story of Seasons Friends of The Great Kingdom.
I’ve been calling around multiple local retailers including Gamestop. who always told me they haven’t had any PS5’s in stock since Black Friday of last year, now supposedly the PS5’s alittle more common and they get new stock more frequently. Im’a a Gamestop Pro member and haven’t gotten any notifications about the PS5’s being readily available on the app. But supposedly they get new PS5’s alittle more frequently then they had been and they don’t sellout within seconds.
Can’t remember if you said you already have one. If not you could always try PlayStation Direct:
I have one, just saying because they are becoming alittle more common and certain retailers are actually getting them in stock despite the high demand and various other factors that make PS5 difficult getting like the chip crunch.
My cousins husband ordered a PS5 online, and when the package arrived all that was in the box was a bag of chips.
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