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Jogadores frustrados de Call of Duty PC fazem uma petição e enviam pizzas para chamar a atenção para sua situação

"I had a pizza delivered because I don't know what else to do."
PC Call of Duty players have set up a petition in a bid to convince Activision and Infinity Ward to “resolve the issues introduced by season three”.
Issues first began to pop up shortly after the update was rolled out, and despite tweets and messages from developer Infinity Ward assuring players that it was “investigating”, the problems still persist for some.
The issue has primarily been affecting players with AMD Vega GPUs and other Vega hardware, resulting in almost immediate crashes for PC players trying to access either Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2.0.
“Since the introduction of the Season 3 on April 12, 2023, thousands of players primarily on PC have been unable to launch or play the game they have paid for,” the petition begins (thanks, PC Gamer). “Most players have hundreds of hours of game time already clocked since MW2 launched on October 2022 and upon the Season 3 launch they’ve been unable to play at all.
“Many players have raised Support tickets directly to Activision to no avail. There are countless threads on reddit, Twitter posts as well as numerous threads on the Steam Discussion Board with over a thousand posts and counting.”
Some players are so desperate, one sent a cheese pizza with “Help Vega Please” written on the box to PC support studio Beenox.
“I had a pizza delivered to Beenox with a message on box saying ‘Help Vega Please’ because I don’t know what else to do…” they said.
ICYMI, the Competition and Markets Authority recently refuted Microsoft’s claim the Nintendo Switch is capable of running a Call of Duty game similar to those seen on Xbox and PlayStation. And did you know that an official Call of Duty board game has been announced?
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