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Jogo da semana: os frutos florescentes de uma revolução de crowdfunding

Mind flayed.
It’s hard to ignore this week’s big release because everyone’s talking about it. And before I talk about it, I want to quickly flag up the wonderful Venba, a game that tells a story through cooking, and makes me very hungry just reading about it. Emad was really taken with it in his Venba review.
But back to the big game, the whopper which, if you’re me, you’ve waited several years for. You might even have been waiting decades for it, if you’re an obsessive fan of the series it’s attached to, and many people are. The game is, of course, Baldur’s Gate 3, which we haven’t reviewed yet because we haven’t had it long enough, but it is very exciting nonetheless.
There are many reasons why it’s exciting, not least because of the enormous crossover potential it has to excite the vast Dungeons & Dragons audience. Remember, developer Larian really doesn’t know how successful a game like this can be – it’s quite a niche game, really – so tapping into the D&D fandom will obviously help.
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