Kotaku lista seus 18 jogos favoritos do Nintendo Switch

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My Nintendo News
Gaming website Kotaku has taken it upon themselves to list their all-time favourite Nintendo Switch games as of 6th May, 2022. Their list of the best Nintendo Switch games is in no particular order and includes some fairly decent choices with only a few notable omissions such as Xenoblade, Bayonetta 1&2 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. So, if you’ve been wondering which game to purchase next for Nintendo’s current system you can’t go wrong with the majority of games on this list. Without further ado, here’s Kotaku’s favourites:
Mario Golf Super Rush? Really? That game is fun for 20 minute sessions at best. Making a powerful shot that’s good and doesn’t make a hard curve is completely random and more often than not my shot lands quite far from where I intended through no fault of my own. And the elevation graph when putting feels… Unreliable at best. I regularly have a better time with N64 Mario Golf.
I’d normally nitpick and say that this list should exclude games that are available on other platforms like Hollow Knight and Hades, but those are most likely there purely due to being able to play them literally anywhere and they are very acclaimed games. For me to say those shouldn’t count might be hypocritical, as I love being able to have a copy of Skullgirls anywhere on my Switch allowing me to play that anywhere.
Not really a bad list all things considered- MG:SR is the only issue I see with it.
A very odd list if you think about it. It isn’t “switch exclusives”. Hades and hollow knight are there. But if it isn’t switch exclusives, do they mean to say that they like mario +rabbids better than all of square enix’s back catalog available on the system? Dark Souls Remastered, Bioshock Remastered, shoot, do Switch Online retros count?
Kotaku is woke woke woke garbage
No one cares about Kotaku and what they write which is why they are a failing media outlet. Soon they will be gone and the www will be better off.
ew kotaku
That’s actually a pretty safe list.
I’m also surprised at the Mario Golf. Everyone em who played don’t say great stuff about it. It’s like auto play and skills and precision don’t matter much.
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