Mario Kart Tour adiciona pilotos Mii e trajes de corrida na nova atualização da versão 2.12.0

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
Mario Kart Tour has received a substantial update today bringing the iOS and Android game to Version 2.12.0. The update brings with it Mii drivers and racing suits, an increased level cap for drivers, karts, and gliders, as well as certain items bonus points. There’s a variety of Mii Racing Suits for Mario Kart fans to obtain in the newly released update. Oh, and the Sky Tour has also just begun. Mario Kart Tour is free-to-play on both iOS devices and Android.
Mii characters debut as drivers in the next tour in #MarioKartTour! Get your hands on a variety of Mii Racing Suits and start racing. Check out the video for more information!
I find it weird that they didn’t try making more mii costumes for tour and straight up rip the mario ones from 8, I mean they even change the animations to match the character their base off of


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