Mario Strikers Battle League foi atualizado para a versão 1.1.0

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You may recall that, a few days ago, Nintendo had announced that there would be a free update that would be releasing for Mario Strikers Battle League. The company also announced that 2 more free updates would be releasing before the end of the year.
Well, as promised, the first free update has been released for the game. Once you update Mario Strikers Battle League, the game should be at version 1.1.0. The update adds a new stadium, gear set, and 2 more playable characters. The patch notes can be seen down below.
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So glad that this game is progressing smoothly out of beta. Wish the beta was on a discount though :/
It feels like Nintendo is holding back on content to keep “engagement” instead of just giving us everything day 1. I don’t know this of course, but I’ll always remember when they kept Splatoon DLC ON DISC locked away for a certain amount of time before unlocking it. I presume this is to keep the multiplayer active, but it’s still somewhat “meh”.
Splatoon was a lot better at least. There was new stuff every week. They also wanted it to feel like a living world, which I think they succeeded with. It was great for a unique new IP. Splatoon 2 did it all even better.
With Strikers there’s no excuse and the rollout is too slow. I’ve already sold it. Huge disappointment.
Honestly if Strikers doesn’t even get new modes by the end of its run I don’t even see the point in purchasing it. It would be better to stick with Chargers or even the original GameCube game
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