Metroid Dread vence o Jogo do Ano para Nintendo no The Golden Joystick Awards 2021

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The Golden Joystick Awards 2021 took place last night and the winner of the coveted Nintendo Game of the Year award went to Nintendo’s first new entry in the 2D Metroid series for twenty years, Metroid Dread. The Golden Joystick Awards are voted on by gamers, so it was an award well achieved for Metroid Dread. You can read our very own Metroid Dread review, which we awarded a massive 9.5/10 upon release.

It won “Nintendo” Game of the Year, but still great nonetheless!
Doh! A reading comprehension fail 😀 Sorry, I’ve corrected that.
As much as people wanted Metroid to win, the winner, Resident Evil Village, was totally worthy of Ultimate Game of the Year. That game is so fun and so beautiful and has amazing sound quality.
Village also won PlayStation Game of the Year and Best Audio Design.
Very happy about it myself! 😊
I’m so glad it won the Golden Joystick Awards and its at second place. I’m so happy I play this game.
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