Miyamoto: “Considero Pikmin os personagens mais globais da Nintendo”

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My Nintendo News
If Pikmin 4 hasn’t released in your time zone yet, then it is very imminent. With the game’s launch in the process of arriving, Nintendo has been celebrating the occasion with a 3-part interview with the game’s development team. One of the people interviewed includes Pikmin 4 producer Shigeru Miyamoto.
The final part of the interview was released earlier today, and the discussion was about how they want players to feel the presence of Pikmin in their daily lives. When Miyamoto was asked what Pikmin mean to him, he agreed, saying that “they aren’t just fantasy creatures. Pikmin have no set age or nationality. They have a unique presence as creatures that exist somewhere on Earth”. Mario may be more recognizable, but Miyamoto says that “it’s not like you can bump into him walking down the street, because he lives in the world of Mario”.
Miyamoto concluded by saying that “I consider Pikmin to be Nintendo’s most global characters. Since the promotional campaign we launched over ten years ago, we’ve been saying, ‘Pikmin are all around us’. I think we’ve finally reached a point where people can find Pikmin in various places, not just in their imaginations. I hope more and more people become aware of Pikmin and play Pikmin games”.
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