Mudanças nos campeonatos Pokémon impactam os jogadores australianos e neozelandeses

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In a recent announcement, Pokémon has revealed the removal of the Oceania International Championships from the 2024 Championship Series Season. This decision has significant implications for Pokémon players in Australia and New Zealand, affecting their path to qualify for the prestigious Worlds tournament. The Oceania International Championships have historically provided players from the region with a critical opportunity to earn qualification points for Worlds in various Pokémon formats, including Video Game Championships (VGC), Trading Card Game (TCG), and Pokémon Go. The removal of this event means that local players will face a more challenging journey to secure their spots on the global stage.
Compared to regional events, International Championships offer higher qualification points. This adjustment means that players will need to explore alternative avenues to earn the necessary points, possibly involving international travel to compete in events held in other countries. Presently, only three Regional events have been confirmed for Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. The decision to remove the Oceania International Championships stems from Pokémon’s ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving landscape of its player base. Since the restructuring of the Oceania rating zone in 2020, the region was divided into the Asia-Pacific and the newly defined Oceania rating zone. In light of these changes, Pokémon has had to reevaluate its approach to serving the global Pokémon community.
Despite this change, Pokémon is committed to supporting the Oceania rating zone through Regional Championships. Players from this zone will remain eligible for travel support to other International Championships and the Worlds tournament. However, the absence of the Oceania International Championships is expected to lead to a reduction in the representation of Australian and New Zealand players at the highest competitive levels.
And there you have it. “Reconstructing” or “reevaluating” usually means make smaller. Pokemon is in trouble.
Can’t they just do online tournaments?
Pokemon fans are treated so poorly in this part of the world.
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