Nada de Charles Martinet em WarioWare: Move It! mas “a voz dele aparecerá” em Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Switch

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By now, you have more than likely heard the news that Charles Martinet will no longer be the voice of Mario, and will now be entering a new role as Mario Ambassador. It was also confirmed that Martinet will not be involved in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which is releasing in a couple of months.
Well, there has been clarification from Nintendo in regards to 2 more Mario-related projects. They have confirmed to Nintendo World Report that Martinet is not involved in the new WarioWare game, WarioWare: Move It. As for the upcoming re-release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Nintendo says that “For the upcoming HD re-release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, as it is a re-release, Charles’s voice will appear in the game”.
The WarioWare one was pretty obvious. That “Excellent!” did NOT sound like Charles at all.
Yeah, I noticed that but kinda brushed it aside. Hearing it now and knowing it won’t be him, it just sounds bad and wrong.
I don’t know why they can’t just recycle all the old sound bites, they rarely need new recordings for WarioWare (and even Mario games). Unless they’re all gonna speak a lot now and they want the voices to match (or even if they just needed a few new sound bites and wanted them to match), or they wanna save money by not paying him for reusing his voice if a new actor or actors will be cheaper.
I always loved the WarioWare voices having a sort of reverb sound to them, it was oddly satisfying. This one doesn’t, just a clear sound bite, that also makes it seem off.
Since wario ware gold most of the new wario titles have full voice acting so reusing clips won’t work.
Ah, that’s true. I had forgotten they started talking more actually. It’s been a while since I played them! I was thinking more just for the minigames themselves but they’d need the other lines still.
Duh, it’s old recordings, so of course he’d voice Luigi in Dark Moon.
I’m more sad about no more new Luigi voices than Mario tbh. Oh no, I just realized that if we ever get a new Mario & Luigi game, there won’t be any new banter between them :’)
Or at least, it wouldn’t sound the same
His Wario was always my favorite voice of his. His work in World was fantastic characterization for Wario
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