Naughty Dog celebra lançamento de Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PS5 com novo trailer

Experience Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer’s remastered adventures with immersive console features, out January 28.
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection launches January 28 for the PlayStation 5 console — and we could not be more excited to begin the adventures anew! It’s been an incredible journey remastering Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and we hope you have an awesome experience in your own adventures at home.
We’ve come a long way since we first unleashed Drake, Chloe, and their cohorts into the world, and we’re thrilled that our foray into harnessing what the PS5 has to offer are these two single player adventures in one titular collection. The Remaster sees not one standalone adventure, but two – and as detailed in our previous PS Blog post, both leverage PS5 and DualSense wireless controller features and include graphical updates to make Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection feel truly cinematic, and blockbuster in scope.
Putting together this trailer at Naughty Dog was an exercise in revisiting favorite moments and sharing what we loved about the franchise and ensuring that those moments came through in the cut so players new and returning would be reeled into the world of Uncharted. Whether this trailer evokes nostalgia to jump back into the games, or intrigue in playing for the first time, we hope you enjoy:
When we collectively look at the arc of how we at Naughty Dog developed the Uncharted series over the years, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are truly special for so many reasons. For example, U4 helped us achieve a substantial improvement in almost every aspect of our animation. Our richly detailed cinematics were now able to play real time, which helped pave the way for a seamless experience to and from gameplay. We also layered physics and procedural animations into our animations. All this helped create believable characters, tighter responsiveness, fluidity, and ability to respond to their environment, leading to a groundbreaking moment.
With PS5 technology, we’re excited to share Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer’s stories on this console generation in even greater detail and fidelity in tandem. None of this would have been possible without the talent and innovations of the imaginative and ambitious team we have – we are consistently impressed.
As a reminder, players who own Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, or Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Digital Bundle can upgrade to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Digital Version for USD $10 / GBP €10 starting on January 28, 2022, when the collection launches*.
While we’re on the topic of how cinematic the Uncharted series is, you now have the chance to experience the adventures on both your PS5 and the big screen! Until February 3, 2022, 11:59pm PT / February 4, 2022, 3:59am GMT, players in select countries may purchase or upgrade to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PS5 via PlayStation Store and receive a voucher code for one standard ticket to see the Uncharted movie in participating theaters starting February 2022. **
While we’re celebrating the PS5 launch, we know many of you are as excited as we are about the PC release. We’ll have plenty of updates soon, so please keep an eye out and wishlist Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on Epic and Steam stores to get notifications.
To all players new and returning, thank you for being part of the journey.
*Owners of PS4 disc copies must insert them into the PS5 every time they want to download or play the PS5 digital versions. PS4 game disc owners who buy the PS5 Digital Edition disc-free console will not be able to get the PS5 version for the discounted price. PlayStation Plus members who claimed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End via their PlayStation Plus subscription are not eligible for the $10/€10 digital PS5 upgrade. Please note that the multiplayer mode included in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will not be a part of this new collection.
** Must be a resident of Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Russia, and Canada . Age restrictions apply. Ticket code delivered via email on or around Feb. 9, 2022. Full terms here.

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Hey Playstation. I have a question.
In order to upgrade for $10, do we need both Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy?
What if i only have Uncharted: Lost Legacy, can i still upgrade for $10?
yes,you can
If you have Uncharted 4 from PS+, can you still pay the upgrade option for the Legacy of Thieves collection?
“PlayStation Plus members who claimed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End via their PlayStation Plus subscription are not eligible for the $10/€10 digital PS5 upgrade”
And what about people who bougt uncharted lost legacy and have uncharted 4 from PS plus ? They should be eligible to the upgrade because they bought one of the game. However, I still don’t know if the fact they have U4 from PS plus will cancel it or not. This wouldn’t make sense
cute collection, but would be good to have a brand new uncharted game on ps5 – especially with us now being in year 2! even an announcement.
True, while I would love that but I think the Uncharted series is done bro, I don’t think they will make some anymore.
It only shows 2022 as the release date on steam.
You heard of the 12 months of the year? 🥴😵
You won’t be buying it, so why care? 🤣🤣🤣
Will you?
What are u even attempting to criticize? The most pathetic troll here staying busy.
But what of the trophies?
“starting on January 28, 2022, when the collection launches*.”
Seriously? If I want to upgrade I have to wait till the 28th to do it. I CAN’T JUST DO IT NOW WITH EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!
What the hell are your engineers and production teams doing over their? twiddling their thumbs. Sony needs to stop sub dividing its existing user base into second class citizens. This is getting really frustrating. Yes, I get it. I own the game already and have played it and platinumed it. Maybe I’m just that big of an Uncharted fan that I’ll be playing the unlock at midnight while waiting for my Disc to get here from amazon.
Bad enough we aren’t getting a God of War remaster or a Horizon Remaster for PS5 and have to watch PC gamers get the fruits of labor that could have just been easily as done on PS5. This is really shady and disrespectful.
you literally just have to log in on the day and get the upgrade… whats the big deal? seems like you’re just impatient and cant wait til launch day. no different than waiting for a disc in the past is it?
You can’t play it until the 28th anyway, so what’s the problem?
@jjnet123 and Jacko_the_lad: To pre load the game.
Not everyone downloads 50GB in 10 minutes or so (750Mbit/s here). Some people still need a few days for that.
This means that there’s no pre loading available for people that want to use the 10 euro/dollar upgrade and they can only start downloading on release date. So some of them might only be able to play the next day or even a few days later because of that.
No upgraded character models, textures, LOD or ray tracing, something Insomniac games delivered in spades with……. the DAY PS5 launched. It took you another 14 months to do….. NOTHING.
Why? Why such an unbelievably lazy port like with Ghost of Tsushima??? Why would I pay anything for this Jim, Hermen? This is an easy pass from me again.
But, it comes with “immersive console features”.
Notice they had to specify console.
It’s $10 and u get a movie ticket lol. What do u expect? I have Uncharted 4, never played Lost Legacy. So for $10 I get Lost Legacy and PS5 versions of both games plus a movie ticket. Ffs, it’s fantastic. I’m fine with resolution, frame rate, haptics, adaptive triggers, faster loads, and 3D audio.
Insomniac’s Spiderman Remastered was a phenomenal remaster but ppl criticized it heavily. It was $20 for one game and bundled with Miles Deluxe Edition. Different situation. Only requiring us to own one of the games to get both upgraded for $10 is great. Many ppl will get Lost Legacy for free. Can’t criticize this deal. If there was no upgrade option I could understand but $10 for two games plus a movie ticket?
That should say something about the movie and how cheap it was to port this collection. Especially by ps’s greed standards. They just want numbers for the movie. Kind of like the “accurate” gaming stats ps just put out too see -wrongly – how many hours you played.
Sure, chronic immersive liar.
You should be more interested in getting your resume out there. I don’t think PS can afford to keep you on board as their blog troll anymore. I’d say check xbox, but gamers are happy there, with support, communication, and way more games than turdstation – so they don’t need people working for them as someone who tries to alter others’ opinions by posting bs.
Maybe try Walmart? 🤔
Yeah I gotta agree.
Take an original XBox disc of Fuzion Frenzy and put it in a… bloody One X and you get 4k/60
Take a copy or Mirrors Edge for 360 and throw it in a Series X – bam, 4k and pushed up to 60fps
Take an xb1 copy of Mirrors Edge Catalyst and throw it in a Series X and suddenly you’re getting 120fps.
Its like this for hundreds of games. All for free.
This $10 upgrade thing is just really really lame
Cool bro, so edgy with your negative comment. Nobody cares if you buy or not. Why cry on the internet?
Tyler I don’t think you get lost legacy unless you already own it
Another PC release, fantastic news.
Years after release lol. Clown.
Fun fact, Sony released more games on PC this year than on PS5.
Ahhhhhh-haha – he just rolled you tyler.
Still light on details of what’s upgraded apart from resolution/framerate, DualSense, 3D audio and loads to/from title screen.
No commitment to keeping the game upgraded for new console releases (PS5 Pro, PS6…) to keep pace with the Windows version. The Nathan Drake Collection never got a PS4 Pro or PS5 upgrade.
Not feeling the commitment from SIE for PlayStation right now.
£10.00 for some poxy upgrade, for a game you already own on PS4?
Surely it should be free like Xbox? So much taking advantage of PS5 capabilities then. This is simply corporate greed.
Ive also watched that trailer for the Uncharted film starring Tom Holland. 🙄🤪 I’ll pass thanks, typical Hollywood tosh.
PlayStation will have to do much, much better than this.
This should be a free upgrade. PS will have to reconsider this 10$ price hike or even 10$ upgrade.
Aside Square-Enix, not lot of the industry have increased their prices on games by 10$ and you need to reconsider it because people simply aren’t buying something that hardware alone would have given more benefits.
Do Not Be Sorry. Be Better.
I don’t like this game
Uncharted Movie ticket offer
After giving their FAN BASE their BACK END to kiss for the duration of the PS5 launch starting with Jim Ryan lying about release date. Sony and the UNDER POWERED PS5 are going to get what they deserve! Microsoft is NOT CHARGING $80 for their games and they own FAR more BLOCKBUSTER STUDIOS than Sony! Add to that XBox X is FAR more powerful than the PS5. Bottom line – Sony was fine selling the PS5 to SCALPERS so their base would pay DOUBLE or MORE for the PS5! Add to that the WOKE culture at Sony and it is SO LONG time!
I’m gonna be re-buying it for PC if there’s DLSS support BUT: If it wasn’t for the fact that the competition is constantly giving out free upgrades, as well as backwards compatibility with fps boost on multiple past generations of consoles… this would almost seem like a good deal. i would maybe replay UC4 on PS5 instead of PC but I’m not paying for it when I already own the game and there’s no substantial upgrades
Charging $10 seems petty – considering what were missing out on compared to what the competition is doing.
I can’t help but feel kinda gross and disappointed in nonsense like this. Losing faith in Sony this gen honestly
Xbox NO.1 ps no one will buy,event a dog. how dare are you, Sony dog
I have both uncharted 4 and lost legacy since day 1 and sony asks me 10$ for upgrade while everyone else giving them free,ok
how about from now on every first party game i’ll buy it used and third party for xbox.yep this wiil do!!
Another Uncharted “collection”, please, just stop.
Sweet! Both versions are in 4K @60/120fps right? Anyway, will you guys also release Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3 in 4K 60fps too?
It clearly states 1440/60 (upscaled to 4K) on the product page — or 1080p/120. Native 4K is only 30fps.
“we’re celebrating the PS5 launch, we know many of you are as excited as we are about the PC release”
lol they happy to devalue ps5
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This is truly awesome and all, but I don’t have PS5 yet, I’m hunting daily across retail stores and online retail stores no luck yet,
eBay no way I’m buying from them too much too good to be true sellers that sell them, probably a ps5 box with a cement brick inside or box with bunch of rocks inside who knows what heavy objects they sell
“we know many of you are as excited as we are about the PC release.”
such an embarrassing…
If you dont like that games are coming to PC pirates then stop buying those games day 1 for 80€+, cancel your PS PLUS. You can thank Cory Barlog and PC beggars around him for those ports, Sony fire him. He devalued the PS5 and all PS “exclusives”.
Super excited about the PC release ! Day one purchase for sure.
I hope it supports DLSS.
Sony, one step forward, two steps backwards.🤪🙄🤔
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