Nintendo anuncia demo multiplayer online de Mario Strikers: Battle League

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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football launches for Nintendo Switch on Friday 10th June, and players eager to sharpen their shooting skills can get ahead of the competition. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Kick demo event is available to download now for free on Nintendo eShop and includes access to exciting online team battles – available on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June, as well as a training mode to learn the basics, so players can get stuck into some pre-season ‘friendlies’ in preparation for match day. Nintendo also announced that the full game will receive free post-launch updates, including new characters. In the meantime, check out the recently-released Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Overview Trailer to see all the ways players can thwack, zap and dropkick their opponents on the way to victory.
The Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Kick tutorial mode, available now to existing Nintendo Switch Online members and from 2nd June also for players taking part in the free Nintendo Switch Online 7-day trial, teaches players all of the basics, from shooting, passing and tackles to more advanced moves and skills. Once players are accustomed to the controls, they’ll be ready to put everything on the line and take on other budding strikers online on Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June during the times listed below:
Friday, June 3
8:00-9:00pm PT
Saturday, June 4
4:00-5:00am PT
12:00-1:00pm PT
8:00-9:00pm PT
Sunday, June 5
4:00-5:00am PT
12:00-1:00pm PT
With online team matches for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Kick, players can form a team with other players and challenge others online. Each team can consist of players from 2 Nintendo Switch consoles, and a maximum of 2 players can join the team from each console, making it possible to line up with up to a maximum of 4 players per team. It is possible to form an alliance with random players or friends online. Experiment with all 10 characters in the game, test their unique abilities and assemble a team based on your preferred playing style.
From Thursday 2nd June at 11:00 BST, players without an existing Nintendo Switch Online membership can claim a free 7-day trial, even if they’ve used a free trial in the past. Not only does this grant access to the Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Kick demo event, players can also experience a week with all the benefits that the Nintendo Switch Online membership has to offer, including access to a curated library of over 100 NES & Super NES titles, online play with compatible titles, cloud saves and more.
Source: Nintendo UK
I was heavily on the fence about getting the game but now I been convinced due to the fact that post launch means we’re getting new characters daisy, Pauline, and Bowser Jr is all I hope for with some other random Mario characters throw in their.
It’s a really good idea to hold an online demo for Mario Strikers. I remember the Splatoon tests were really good fun and probably helped encourage quite a few people to purchase it.
True besides when are we getting a demo test for 3 maybe around June or July you think, Nintendo obviously has plans since e3 is out of the picture.
Since E-3 is currently out of the question for Nintendo, I believe Nintendo may have another Nintendo Direct in June along the way. They might reveal another DLC wave pack 2 for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and perhaps maybe the Pokemon company will reveal more info about gen 9 perhaps.
As we’ve had the news of an online demo for Strikers I’m now confident we will get one for Splatoon 3. I have no idea when, but it will probably be to stress test the network just ahead of launch.
Agreed- the testfire for the original game was the most fun I’d had on Wii U at that point.
When was Post-Launch Content confirmed?
Sickr mentions it in the article and he has provided a link lol
I didn’t see that, sorry.
No need to be sorry.
Surprised they didn’t call it Global Testkick, like they did for ARMS and Splatoon with Testpunch and Testfire, respectively. Unfortunately I believe I’ll be working or sleeping through all the testing windows for this one.
I really really hate this drip feed dlc crap. Its not like its a year later getting new content, its stuff clearly planned to be added that could have been in the launch version. Idk if they think this keeps people playing, the game should be designed well enough to keep people wanting to keep playing.
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