Nintendo confirma que Shiver em Splatoon 3 não é não-binário

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There were quite a few speculative articles when Nintendo revealed Deep Cut which consists of Shiver, Frye and Big Man in Splatoon 3, that Shiver was non-binary. The news spread because some fans noticed that the Kyoto-based company didn’t mention the she/her pronouns during her reveal, however we have since found out that they are used in the actual game. The Verge wanted to get to the bottom of the speculation and find out whether or not Shiver is actually non-binary. The site got an official response from Nate Bihldorff, Nintendo’s SVP of development and publishing, who confirmed to The Verge that Shiver identifies as female. Splatoon 3 launches on 9th September and you can expect our review soonish.
based Nintendo!
Based Nintendo
I wish I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing this was even a thing.
i dont see the point in deconfirming, let alone people celebrating it being deconfirmed. its a harmless headcanon that made for a positive environment in my experience. a lot of nonbinary people i knew identified with Shiver on that front and i just dont agree with the decision to outright deconfirm it. it was a small thing, but it went a long way
It’s better to deconfirm now and manage expectations before the game comes out with the actual female pronouns in use.
The sting would have been that much worse.
Nonbinary is a dumb concept. I don’t want it inserted to affirm delusions. If it’s a good part of a fiction, no problem. Splatoon ism’t that.
F**k pronouns and the retards who use them!
Hate to break it to ya pal, but you just used a pronoun in that sentance
You know what, fuck nouns too or my name isn’t Jonathan
You know what, F**k nouns as well, or my name isn’t Jonathan
And F**k you right back.
The gender camp has had its pants down for a long time and, fortunately, more sane normies and once-swayed women are realizing all of the bizarre far left woman erasure (“pregnant people”) and virulent misogyny happening behind the scenes. Here? The TQ camp literally thought a female wasn’t “feminine” enough to be a girl. Who are the ones really stereotyping?
lol, gringo problems.
I live in the west but it seems like the west is so obsessive of genders and stuff compared to Japan it’s so dumb and stupid, can we just like a character for what they are and instead of heavily obsessing over their sexuality.
“confirmed to The Verge that Shiver identifies as female” She doesn’t identify as female, SHE IS A FEMALE, get based mynintendonews, don’t go the kotaku way.
People really shouldn’t have gotten so excited about apparently having a non-binary character in the game until Nintendo themselves officially confirmed it.
Now we’re just gonna get a tonne of salt from the people who automatically assumed their theory/headcanon was true.
Really not the note I wanted the Splatoon 3 community to start on.
Hell to the yeah.
If you unironically say “based” you are one of the saddest type of people around.
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