Nintendo Switch finalmente superou as vendas do Wii nos Estados Unidos

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My Nintendo News
New video game hardware data which has been provided for July 2023 shows that sales of the Nintendo Switch family of systems have now surpassed the Wii in the United States. The release of the excellent The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom certainly helped boost Nintendo Switch hardware sales last month, according to Circana, formally known as the NPD Group. Games Industry points out that Nintendo Switch lifetime sales currently trail Microsoft’s ultra successful Xbox 360 console by just under one million additional units and Sony’s classic PlayStation 2 console by less than five million units.
“Switch has also continued to perform strongly in 2023, helped by the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In fact, the US lifetime sales of Switch hardware finally surpassed those of Wii in the US market during July 2023. Switch lifetime sales now trail Xbox 360 by less than one million units, and PlayStation 2 by fewer than five million.”
Fascinating to think about how ludicrous the US sales numbers for the Wii were. Switch passed up the total lifetime global Wii sales quite awhile ago, but it still hadn’t surpassed the US-only sales until now (and that’s with way more console variations and special editions for the Switch, but also admittedly no price drops for the Switch either).
Here’s hoping this successful era for Nintendo continues with their next console
Well deserved, it’s a great console with a lot of great games.
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