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With elegant, fluttering butterfly wings, this Do wielder of the Woodo School brings forth the storms. Woosa, the newest class to grace Black Desert, has joined its roster in this global release. Her outfit, being quite softer in appearance when compared to other classes, was inspired by the traditional Korean Durumagi, which further emphasizes her roots in the Land of the Morning Light.
Sporting a large, elegant fan called the Swallowtail, Woosa is a mid-to-melee range weapon user, who can deliver quick strikes using her “Do Arts”. With the help of her secondary weapon, the Do Stave, Woosa delivers large area of effect attacks, like summoning a huge storm from the beating wings of a butterfly. She can also conjure rainclouds over bright blue skies using her uniquely mastered Do Arts, and cast a large bolt of lightning to flatten your already drenched foes.
Woosa is not only beautiful and moves with grace, but she also possesses a cold and collected personality that reflects her fighting style and abilities. One powerful skill allows her ink-wash to paint the Sagoonja to deal powerful AOE (area of effect) damage to enemies. In her Succession playstyle, Woosa can retain damage dealt to her and release equal damage back to her enemies. This makes Woosa a devastating force during combat, so don’t be fooled by her appearance and form. Like the gently fluttering wings of the butterfly, she gracefully flits around the battlefield, overwhelming her foes with combos as smooth as flowing water.
Join Woosa as she sets off on her unwavering path of Do upon the raging winds of a butterfly, that carry her toward the skies of enlightenment. We can’t wait to see what you all think of her. Woosa joined the adventure, along with a new Winter Season, on December 14th.
Along with the new class, the December 14th update also packs many new contents that Adventurers can enjoy. Check out the trailer at the top of this post for some highlights of the December 14th update.
Solo Garmoth Summon Scroll
Everyone’s favorite Crimson Dragon, Garmoth! Although not a new addition to the game, Black Desert console Adventurers can now summon Garmoth on a more personal level. Summoning Scrolls can be received by the Black Spirit via a weekly quest. With this update, Adventurers will have an additional opportunity to fight the Crimson Dragon for a chance to obtain the coveted Garmoth Heart. If an adventurer obtains a heart, it can be combined with Inverted Energy and used to upgrade Sub or Awakening weapons, giving additional stats or additional crystal slots (depending on what weapon type it was used on) for more power!
More, More, More! Additional Updates Coming to Console!
The eerie gloom from Marni’s Realm has floated its way onto Black Desert console. For those unfamiliar with the area, Marni’s Realm is a private monster zone separated from the rest of the world, where Adventurers can enter to grind without any interference from other adventurers. Time within the realm is also limited to one hour each day, so make sure every second counts!
Adventurers will also be able to obtain a new Blackstar sub-weapon! With its powerful stats and usefulness in PvE settings, it will be an item that many Adventurers will look to chase for. The black and red aesthetic of the Blackstar weapons are an added benefit to owning a Blackstar weapon series.
In addition, leveling your Fairy to 50 is now possible, and comes with an additional skill slot. The skill Continuous Care, for example, allows the automated use of Elixirs, scrolls, food, and draughts – perfect for every Adventurer! Make sure to check out these new additions and quality of life changes with this upcoming update!
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