Novo comercial, Mr. Malcolm, celebra o lançamento global do novo PlayStation Plus

How many hidden references can you find in this launch spot?
We’re at the final launch stage for the all-new PlayStation Plus, which completes its final rollout in Europe, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand today! We’re excited to have the new PlayStation Plus available to more of our fans.
To mark this momentous occasion, we wanted to share our new global spot, Mr. Malcolm, which celebrates games and some of the titles offered through PlayStation Plus. The spot takes the viewer into a mystifying and intriguing world, showcasing the lives that anyone can live, through wonderful gaming experiences.

After 35 days of video prep, this piece was shot in six days in six different locations with 94 crew members and 68 actors, all working together to bring Mr. Malcolm to life. More than 1,270 props were used, including roughly 80 trophies and 120 clocks!  We’ve also hidden more than a dozen easter eggs – hidden references to games – in the spot. Can you find them all?
We want to thank the PlayStation community for taking this journey with us over the past decade as PlayStation Plus has evolved throughout the years. This is the beginning of a new era for PlayStation Plus and we are excited about the possibilities ahead. Stay tuned for our monthly announcements on future games that will be offered to PlayStation Plus members.
Learn more about the vision behind this new PlayStation Plus ad spot at SIE.Blog.

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Bring back Lambert as Kevin Butler. Unfortunate to say but its break glass in case of emergency time and he is sorely needed right now.
Will never happen though, its clear your marketing team at PlayStation is as awful as the top brass these days, another shadow of its former self.
Show some respect, clown! You need to earn the right to comment and you have not earned it.
This is one of the greatest ads PS marketing has ever done, very well made and filled with so many memories.
A+ commercial, hope to see many more like it.
Incredible! I absolutely loved this as it captures that spirit from the very best PlayStation ads.
Different era of PlayStation. I liked Kevin Butler, but this comercial was fantastic, IMO.
Dramatic much? You need a major reality check, fool.
This is really cool. Hopefully Sony will invest a lot more in PS Plus and make it more exciting over time.
I would like more downloadable PS3 games.
You’re not going to get downloadable PS3 games for the forseeable future. You can ask, but the hardware was just too unique to emulate consistently on current hardware. You might was well ask for that winning lottery ticket – maybe it will come someday, but don’t hold your breath waiting.
Please make trophies mandatory for classic games on the service. I don’t feel compelled to play titles like Super Stardust Portable and Echochrome without them. Sony should at least have them in all of their games.
I have to disagree here. While I am a huge fan of trophies in classic games, NOT making it mandatory would allow for more publishers to quickly allow their games into the service without revision.
Does this mean another event like Seize the Throne with avatars and a PS4 theme?
I don’t think so. That last “event” was a complete fail.
I like the ad but it’s a bit fancy for what is basically selling us old games we already played. 😛
By the way the Uncharted coin at the end. Have those ever been on sale as official merch?
Can we get more NISA games and Japanese games please?
And how about the PS4 versions of Atelier games, how about Atelier Ryza for example.
How about Vanillaware games like Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir and 13 Sentenels: Aegis Rim ?
You guys have tons of Japanese games that the competition doesn’t have accsess too, you should put a lot of focus on stuff like that to define your service and offer things that don’t and can’t.
I see BB and I get a little mad Kojima has gone to the “competition”. What happened..?
What’s wrong with Kojima making games for other platforms?
Kojima is still making games on PlayStation, he just wants to make a game using cloud technology which Xbox has
On the day of the premiere of Ps plus Premium, streaming in Poland to PC does not work, the application contains information that the Polish region is not supported.
Please correct this error, I don’t want to pay for something I can’t use.
You should probably try reaching out to support instead of posting a comment on a Blog post.
Classic spot! It fun looking for all of the games hidden in the ad. Seems like we got a more games than we were expecting. I think if you can find 2-4 games that you haven’t played, Premier is well worth it.
PlayStation truly knows gaming and advertising extremely well. Bravo, Sony, this ad makes me wanna grab my DualSense or DualShock 4, and slay some foes. 💙
Let us play our entire digital playstation library on ps4 & ps5
This would have been the perfect opportunity to bring back a grown up Marcus alongside Kevin Butler
Kojima is still making games for Playstation
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