NPD Group: Mude o hardware mais vendido em 2022 até agora e ultrapassou as vendas vitalícias do PS4 nos EUA

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My Nintendo News
The latest video game software and hardware sales figures are in from the USA, courtesy of the NPD Group. The Nintendo Switch proved to be the best-selling system in April 2022 with the Xbox Series X|S No.2 and Sony’s PlayStation 5 No.3. The Nintendo Switch is now the fourth biggest video game hardware in the United States surpassing Sony’s popular PlayStation 4 console. The Nintendo Switch now trails the following home consoles: PlayStation 2 No.1, Xbox 360 No.2, the Wii No.3. The Switch is also the best-selling video game system of 2022 so far in the United States followed by Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S. Here’s the best-selling video game software for the month of April in the United States:
US NPD HW – Lifetime unit sales of Nintendo Switch have now surpassed those of PlayStation 4, making it the 4th highest unit selling console in U.S. history, and the 6th highest unit selling video game hardware platform overall. In console it trails only PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii.
I loved Horizon Forbidden West, didn’t experience any game breaking bugs or glitches. However my PlayStation did overheat numerous times, the lightbar turned solid red. I’ve seen post where others besides myself have experienced the same thing. I’ve also seen post that would suggest Horizon Zero Dawn also caused overheating.
I took the cover off the PlayStation and cleaned the inner coller and thermal paste and still even after doing trouble shooting techniques it still overheated. As soon as i got the platinum trophy i immediately stopped playing and now everythings perfectly fine. I loved Horizon Forbidden West, but it has serious problems.
I assume you’re talking about the PS4 version and not the PS5 version
Yes, PS4 not PS5
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