O estúdio por trás da remasterização de Kingdom of Amalur possivelmente está trabalhando em uma sequência

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Kaiko Games, which is the development studio behind the Kingdom of Amalur remaster, Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning, along with the Kingdom of Amalur Fatesworn expansion, has revealed in a job listing on their official website that it is working on a new project which is described as a “high profile THQ Nordic IP in the Action Adventure genre.” This has led to suggestions online that Kaiko Games could be working on a brand new sequel to the original Kingdom of Amalur game. The German-based development studio has a number of job vacancies for their new project including positions for designers, artists and programmers. The original Kingdom of Amalur game was well-received upon release in February 2012 and the franchise is now owned by THQ Nordic.
Kingdoms of Amalur seems like a good game although i wouldn’t know because i’ve never completed the campaign because i ended up getting stuck inside a cave with an unbreakable boulder, others have suggested using a hammer and breaking the boulder it’s “unbreakable” and you can’t fast travel out of a cave. Hopefully a sequel doesn’t have as many game breaking bugs, like i purchased the dlc and never got it.
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