O firmware 3DS foi atualizado para a versão 11.16.0-48U

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My Nintendo News
No, your eyes are not deceiving you here either. Around the same time tonight that Nintendo released an update for the Wii U‘s firmware, Nintendo decided to do the exact same thing with the 3DS. Just like the Wii U, the 3DS has become nothing more than a memory. And also like the Wii U, Nintendo has still been releasing rare and random updates for the 3DS firmware.
If you still use a 3DS, and you still want to download updates for it, this update will change the version number of the firmware to 11.16.0-48U. The official patch notes are exactly like tonight’s Wii U firmware update. The only thing Nintendo says is that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.
Please let the 3ds rest in peace, they update that mud like almost every week at one point, I do understand its probs to prep for the eshop shutdown.
3DS was a fun memory to me and I will never forget that. Good times. I guess Nintendo still showing a lack of care for previous consoles.
I haven’t played my switch since a June vacation. I’m like 50 hours into Pokemon Crystal on 3ds. It can fit in a smaller bag than switch can and is 6 oz lighter, good for hikes, bike rides or whatever.
My 3DS is so stable, Its being used as a base for building to counter earthquakes!
I miss these. Lol
As people collect gaming consoles such as the Sony PSP, Vita etc. the 3DS should be a modern retro collectible console. For me it is ❤️
I have 3 currently: The launch 3DS, the XL, and the N3DSXL. They all have some wear but I don’t mind because I’m never going to sell them, I use all three regularly <3
I still play it daily. I even did a Zelda marathon on it the last coupe months (OoS, OoA, LA, ALBW, OoT3D, MM3D).
I still have my ambassador games so I’m able to play the Minish Cap on mine as well as the OG Zelda, I love the 3DS so much
If they had just added GBA games (or at least the ambassador games) and DS games (instead of Wii U) to the 3DS… might have been the perfect platform.
Yeah I wish everyone had access to those games, like sure I have them but there are so many people who want to play them who can’t on the 3DS
I have 3 3DS systems and it saddens me that in just a few days I’ll no longer be able to purchase anything digital legitimately, we’ll all be forced onto the seven seas
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