O maior arrependimento de SUDA51 com No More Heroes 3 é não adicionar mais armas

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Gematsu recently chatted with the legendary Japanese developer SUDA 51 about No More Heroes 3 which has made its way onto other platformes. SUDA51 was asked by the site whether he was satisfied with how No More Heroes 3 turned out and whether he would change anything given the chance. Clearly an interesting question and SUDA51 answered honestly by saying that some fans were disappointed that there weren’t more weapons for the protagonist Travis Touchdown to wield. SUDA51 explained that in No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 you were able to swap out the Beam Katana, upgrade it, and get new weapons, but they decided to get rid of the system in the third game, which he admits was a mistake.
“Yeah, I’m satisfied with the game, but since release, a lot of fans of 1 and 2 have mentioned… (laughs)… So in 1 and 2, you were able to swap out the Beam Katana, right? You could upgrade it, and you could get new weapons, and the selectable weapons were one of No More Heroes‘ main features. But we got rid of that for III, and focused on the Blood Berry instead.”
“To be honest… I wish we’d added more weapons. I wanted to have three types of weapons, and that’s honestly one of my regrets. So in the future, if we do a remake or remaster or something, like maybe 10 years or so from now, I want to be sure to put stuff like that into the game, if it happens. But again, I can’t make any promises at the moment.”
No, the biggest regret is in chapter 6 before going vs Ohma playing musical chairs. Im just like you gotta be kidding, the QTE’s are to fast and outta sync, if you miss a button prompt you become dizzy and when the much stops you run slower towards the chairs. Lucky after each round of musical chairs it auto saves so you don’t start all over. The Rank 6 boss Ohma is frustrating because 1 hit from the laser and it’s game over.
*when the music stops
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