O novo PlayStation Plus será lançado em junho com mais de 700 jogos e mais valor do que nunca

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now come together; players can choose from three flexible options.
Since launching PlayStation Plus in 2010, SIE has been at the forefront of innovation with game subscription services. We were thrilled to be the first console membership service that included a refreshed library of games through PlayStation Plus, and also launched the first console game streaming service with PlayStation Now. 
Today, we are pleased to share with you official news about changes coming to our subscription services. This June, we’re bringing together PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in an all-new PlayStation Plus subscription service that provides more choice to customers across three membership tiers globally. 
Our focus is on providing high-quality, curated content with a diverse portfolio of games*. Below is an overview of the three membership tiers:
Price* for PlayStation Plus Essential remains the same as the current price for PlayStation Plus.
The new Extra and Premium tiers represent a major evolution for PlayStation Plus. With these tiers, our key focus is to ensure that the hundreds of games we offer will include the best quality content that sets us apart. At launch, we plan to include titles such as Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11, and Returnal. We’re working closely with our imaginative developers from PlayStation Studios and third-party partners to include some of the best gaming experiences available with a library that will be regularly refreshed. More details to come on the games we’ll have on our new PlayStation Plus service.  
When the new PlayStation Plus service launches, PlayStation Now will transition into the new PlayStation Plus offering and will no longer be available as a standalone service. PlayStation Now customers will migrate over to PlayStation Plus Premium with no increase to their current subscription fees at launch.
As this is a massive launch effort, we’re rolling out the new PlayStation Plus offering in a phased regional approach. In the June timeframe, we’ll begin with an initial launch in several markets in Asia, followed by North America, Europe and the rest of the world where PlayStation Plus is offered. We aim to have most PlayStation Network territories live with our new PlayStation Plus game subscription service by the end of the first half of 2022. We also plan to expand our cloud streaming benefit to additional markets, and will provide more details at a later date.  
Building upon more than 25 years of expertise in gaming innovation, this change to our subscription services highlights our continued efforts to evolve our network services business to match our customer’s preferences. With the all-new PlayStation Plus, we’re focused on delivering a compelling game subscription service with curated content from our exclusive PlayStation Studios team and our third-party partners. The newly enhanced PlayStation Plus will enable our fans to discover and engage with more content than ever before, and deepen their connection with the PlayStation community through shared experiences. 
We’re providing an early look at our new PlayStation Plus subscription service today, and we’ll plan to share more information with you as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned. 
*Local pricing may vary by market. PlayStation Plus catalog titles may also vary by market and tier, and may change over time. PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply.  Terms apply: 
**Current markets where PlayStation Now is available: US, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.
***PC streaming is not available in Japan at launch and will be supported in a future update.

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why no Vita love?
PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium – very interesting! It’s good you will continue to offer the core online & PS Plus experience with the option of additional games should players want them.
I have a couple of questions:
Q) What happens if you have both a PS Plus and PS Now subscription, will the remaining months be added to your PS Plus subscription length?
Q) If you have the basic PS Plus Essential subscription how much is the upgrade cost to the other tiers, is the difference in the prices listed here or will there be a discounted rate at launch?
Because none of the current console will be able to run Vita games properly, due to limitations caused by the lack of touch controls, and their laziness in emulating them somehow.
I still have 2 years of PS Plus left, I just want to know what will be the cost to upgrade the service.
Have you tried to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss on a PS TV?….. let me just say one word: Unplayable lol
The vita games with touch screen functions just won’t work.
@lance_87 – technically not true.
The PSTV ran about 90% of PS Vita games just fine – a lot of games didn’t use the rear touchpad, or you could map it to the front touch-screen (which became the touchpad on the DS controllers)
There was a very small number of games that didn’t work on the device. However, they could work, as pushing in the thumbstick enabled on-screen fingers which emulated touching the rear pad, it was just fiddly so Sony blacklisted them.
Will we get games for our PS Vitas too?
We definitely need Vita games. I need Soul Sacrifice.
This is almost exactly what the reports suggested but at a reasonable yearly price.
The most overlooked issue of PlayStation now was the lack of native PS5 editions so I’m glad this has been rectified.
It’s very exciting to play PS1 and PSP games on my PS5. This is nothing but a better deal than we currently have and they keep PS plus intact if you only want that. And if you just want PS now you get migrated to PS Plus premium for free there are no losers here.
– PS1
– PS2
– PS3
– PS4
– PS5
– And game Trials
– downloadable or stream other than PS3 in markets that allow streaming
– more relevant PS5 games being added
$120 per year MSRP.
That’s a win.
Obviously Vita games would have to be reworked due to the controls but overall I think this is a great deal. It’s a better deal than what we currently have.
I was about to comment the same thing. Shame they neglected what could’ve been the best portable since the PSP. The West got basically no support after the first year and a half in favor of putting all their bets on the PS4, which in hindsight would’ve been massive regardless. As someone who owns every Sony system released (including the Vita TV) it pains me to know that they really self sabotaged a system with so much potential. And then ignore it in favor of other older systems as we go forward.
This is the FIRST thing i notice!
They could simply put all PSVita library on lauch day…
If the vita games are difficult to port to others consoles, why not simply have them avaiable for download on the Vita?
turniplord: that’s why i wrote the other part of the post, duh.
Something to be mentioned that many people are concerned about is when will the PS5 be capable of playing the disc’s of the ps1,ps2 & ps3 as millions of players have large collections of physical games that they’re eager to play on the ps5 enhanced.
Xbox has done this so when will sony?
@thesamuraiman_PS I rather BluePoint Games remakes Soul Sacrifice Delta.
Totally agree. It’s a bummer it still gets looked over. There are so many awesome games that people missed out on.
I get that not all of the games are compatible due to touch input restrictions… but at the same time, the PS TV existed and it played a good majority of the games.
Many games didn’t even use touch. I think this boils down to Sony’s lack of interest to make any effort to support the Vita or it’s games any longer. What’s the point of the touch pad on the PS4 and 5 controller? Surely the emulator could use that as a work around for the touch controls. The modding community managed to do this, you’d think Sony would be able to provide this with it’s own software and hardware..
this is still a pretty cool re-work of PS+ and PS Now. Certainly compelling to re-sub..
Exactly. And im sitting here trying to find one to at least use as a alt controller. You would think they would at least use it to display game info while playing ; like my pubg inventory be displayed on vita screen while using vita as a secondary controller.
Vita games played just fine on PSTV. There were some that relied exclusively or heavily on the touch controls, but a huge chunk, if not most, either worked fine or were patched to work with a DS.
They could easily implement touch controls for some of the games using the touch pad or by patching them.
I’m hoping this does come eventually, the Vita has a library worth playing and it’s a shame some of the titles are still trapped on it.
How do you emulate the touch screen AND the touch panel on the back?
You’d have to release a special controller to even make it workable.
is it gonna be on ps4
In their financial reports Sony usually counts PSP and PS Vita together and the text says „PSP generations“ so I think PS Vita games (at least the ones that run on PSTV) might be included.
Vita didnt have nor games already ported to ps3 or ps4, more like some indies or non canon spin offs
You could post this comment ten years ago and it be just as applicable.
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PS6 owners will be the joke of the generation.
Why would anyone with a brain want a ps6 after all the crap we’ve had to deal with the 5?
Why is sony so content in ruining their future for ps?
Judging from their decisions this gen, they want to become a sega.
There’s a good reason shills try to sway you away from console wars – they don’t want you to point out the consoles’ weaknesses. Good-mannered console war arguments are healthy for competition.
@Lance_87 Many PS Vita games didn’t use the touchscreen capabilities and many of the ones that did seldom used front and back. My point is DualShock 4 and DualSense have touchpads that could be used for many PS Vita games.
Why does the Essential say only 2 free games per month?
We typically get 3 or 4 if not more.
It should be 2 PS4 games, 2 PS5 Games.
Then the Extra tier should be 5 to 7 different titles added (excluding the Essential ones). Some could be indies, some more AAA. I’m looking for great games for great value. You can throw in the occasional day 1 releases to compete too but getting 2 GTA was a better deal imo.
Premium tier should have 3 additional games + whatever full game trials you have.
I am counting everything considering PS+ has additional discounts too in the essential plan.
Well, you have massive PS1/PS2/PSP/PSV libraries to consider, and you need to make PS3 games natively playable (you made the system, you can work it out). But, PS has the library to make this massive, they just need to get the full service available in all countries they sell PS consoles. PS Now has constantly sat in the corner because you limited the audience, this needs to end (preferably by the launch of this service).
Just to emphasise a particular point, PS3 emulation has been worked out for a while now by people who didn’t have anything to do with Sony, so you can most definitely work it out. PS3/PSV libraries are absolutely massive to get native access to, with nominal pricing on the store for those who wish to buy them as well. This includes accessing games people spent their money on buying in the past.
PS3 games are included with PS+ Premium via streaming. Unless you’re referring to an emulator on the console to play both physical and digital games instead of streaming.
In a perfect world PS3 games would be downloadable and PS Vita games would be added and reworked for PS5 but at $120 per year I think PS1, PS2, PS3 streaming, PSP, PS4, PS5, and game trials is very reasonable. You are never going to get every single thing perfect but I think they did a pretty good job.
If it had the same MSRP as Game pass ultimate at $180 per year I would probably demand the whole kit and caboodle but this is pretty damn close and very reasonable. Miles, Death Stranding DC, Returnal a pretty significant day one titles as well. We have even seen significant third party Day One releases on PlayStation now recently like Shadow warrior 3 and I believe this will only continue with PlayStation premium. I’m pretty satisfied though I’m interested to see more details like potential trophy support for legacy platforms and upgrade costs for current PS plus subscribers. The smart thing would be let your PS plus run out and only sub to PlayStation now you will get PlayStation Plus premium for $60 per year that way.
PS3 emulation has not been “worked out” in any form that could be offered to consumers in a commercial form and likely won’t get to that point before another generation of hardware or two. The architecture is simply too different to emulate reliably.
They’re currently emulating ps3 now. How do you think it gets to your console from their servers – by thousands of ps3’s?
Well they’re actually using custom PS3 for PS3 streaming, temp. It was literally in the news years ago. DUH.
Or, you just like to make up crap that sounds good <– to only you.
Leave me the time to have a real life DUH. Search for “playstation 3 hardware for psnow” on Google and move on.
You got me there – in a way, but those articles still mention that they’re emulating. Emulating means imitating.
Besides, you just pointed out how inefficient they are at running ps3 games through this ‘jerry-rigged’ server system instead of figuring out proper emulation to save cost and have better latency.
rpcs3 can now start every ps3 game. And this was made by amateurs and hobbyists.
Not to mention:
The pro-consumer thing to do would be to spend the money building their consoles with the hardware that makes them bw compatible, instead of shoveling the money into a choppy and expensive streaming service, in which you eternally rent games <– that they've already made plenty of money on.
Nowhere in these articles it’s written they’re emulating the consoles, DUH. It is clearly written that they’re using actual PS3 hardware. DUH.
Does it ever hurt you that – THEY made the system – so they have the expert decision whether it will/could be included or not… didn’t think of that huh 😅
I won’t stop you from googling the definition for emulation.
Astral – you think a jerry rigged mb solution that supports 8 concurrent users is more efficient than a traditional server, supporting hundreds?
If you’re still confused after finding that emulate = imitate, look up imitate. That = “take or follow as a model”.
Again, they’re not emulators. They’re still PS3s. In a different shape, sure but there are still CELL processors involved in the process. If i make a portable version of a home console using custom/spare parts that doesn’t make it an emulator.
You’re right, that wouldn’t be called an emulator, but it could be called emulation.
Not only are they emulating a ps3, but also a traditional server.
I think you’re confused. Just a little.
Was worried about the prices but this isn’t too bad.
PSP as well for streaming is nice!
The yearly prices are matching the prices that we pay now.
The Premium is the yearly same price that as having both PS+ and PS Now yearly subscriptions ($60 each/$120 total). The only difference is that we are getting more game selection.
The price is actually excellent and much better than I anticipated.
The yearly price is the same as if you subbed to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now currently but u get more. This is what you will get extra.
PS1, PSP, game trials, and NATIVE PS5 editions which PlayStation now never had. They’re clearly is going to be a greater effort to improve the lineup as well. Miles Morales, Death Stranding DC, Returnal already announced and more to come.
I’m not sure why you have a problem with paying the same price but getting significantly more. I guess anyway people can spin.
The price is too expensive.
We pay for (or are going to pay for) things we shouldn’t have to – online mp, Demos, sony’s ev, and ryan and hulst’s fourth house.
Also, look at the plus games they lend us.
Kay ! Thanks for those infos ! 17€ for PlayStation Plus Premium for this major evolution, that’s day one for me, so approachable! Thanks Playstation.
A major evolution for the same yearly price as subscribing to both PS+ and PS Now ($60 each/ $120 total). Not bad!
The monthly price is actually cheaper than if you subbed currently to both services and the yearly price is the same but you’re getting much more. It’s pretty great in my opinion. I’m very curious to see what PSP games get added I would love to see Daxter.
I have so many questions. I have 10 more years of PS+ and 4 more years of PS Now so how many years of PlayStation Plus Premium will I get
I am in a similar boat. The right answer is you get four years or PS+ Premium and six years of PS+ Essential, but we’ll see what they do.
@TheCollector316, I am not sure if I agree that is the “right answer” lol I had 4yrs of Office 365 individual and paid for 1 month of Office 365 family and got 4 years of Office 365 family. Similarly, I had 2yrs of Xbox Live Gold and paid for 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and got 2yrs of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So for me, the right answer is 14 years of PlayStation Plus Premium 🙂
10* years
If I am reading it correctly it seems like you will get four years of PS Plus Premium and your remaining 6 years will be PS Plus Essential.
Probably your 4 years, the wording is your psnow subscription becomes or ties to your ps+ current subscription
4, then you will have just the essential
This is a pretty important question. If your Now subscription gets you Extra, then your concurrent Plus subscription gets you nothing, and it’s effectively money lost.
I think cases like yours deserve compensation, maybe a refund, or some other kind.
You should at least get compensation for those 4 years of Plus that overlap with Now, starting in June when the new service is live.
I have same question. I have 5 more years of ps plus left. I’m hoping I just get to pay the difference to upgrade.
@ascaris I’m sure they will implement a way to upgrade where we pay the full difference: for example, pay $5 per month, $15 per quarter, or $40 per year to upgrade to Extra.
But what I’m hoping for is that they implement a token upgrade for existing subscribers, like Microsoft did at the time: pay a one-time 1$ and upgrade your subscription to the next tier for the remainder of the time, however long it may be.
I would even be ok with $1 per month ($12 per year). It get more expensive the more time one has left in the subscription, but it’d still be a saving in the end.
You’re forgetting a large portion of the world that still doesn’t have steady internet access like myself, couple gig a month off a hot spot is all I get, so a console is the only way some can play to begin with. Not always a lazy thing, it’s just someone’s situation and preference. PC is great, but not for everyone same as the consoles.
It would be insulting if PlayStation migrated a customer with 4 years of Now and zero years of Plus to get 4 years of Premium, meanwhile also offering 4 years of Premium to customers with four years of concurrent Now and Plus. The latter customer literally invested more than the former guy, so PlayStation better recognize that in real value.
If I have say until next year of ps plus, doesn’t it still count or do I need to rebuy it and what not.
You don’t need to rebuy PS+. What you have will be rebranded PS+ Essential.
Unfortunately, not excited about this. If this is anything like the current PS Now, I can’t see paying more monthly. Such a sparse selection of PS2 games and stuttering even during simple games like Pixeljunk Eden.
They did say they are adding games like Returnal, Miles Morales, Death Stranding etc. Games that probably would never be on PS now within the first few years. I get it, I have almost every Sony exclusive released in the last 5 years already.
Did you miss the bit that says you will be able to both stream AND download a catalogue of PS2, PS1 and PSP games? Only PS3 is streaming only due to it being far more difficult to emulate.
Also you’re getting the big first party games as part of the subscription and many third party titles too, just like Gamepass (although it remains to be seen if big titles will be day 1).
It’s way more than just PS Now.
Honestly I don’t know what the hell people want them to do, this is pretty much the best they could possibly offer.
If ps3 was so difficult to emulate for Sony, what do you make of rpcs3?
Do some freaking homework.
kids back with a new sock account
You all are right, Sony should make PS3 games native, but I think that the reason they are keeping streaming for now is that they have lots of servers with special PS3s that would go to waste if they were to introduce PS3 games natively, I think that they would also want at least 80% of PS3 games to work, RPCS3 has only about 66% on the playable list. They will probably release PS3 streaming in the next couple years.
I think a lot of people are overlooking the 2nd Tier (Extra) and what it has to offer at launch
“Adds a catalog of up to 400* of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games – including blockbuster hits from our PlayStation Studios catalog and third-party partners. Games in the Extra tier are downloadable for play.”
I think proper who are still worried about paying to stream PS3 games will see this as the better value you for them.
But say Sony pulls a fast one and puts GOW Ragnorok on the Premium Service day 1 then that gives gamers the choice to stick to Essential or Extra and buy the game outright if they wish or upgrade to the Premium option for a Month or so until they beat the game.
We’ll have to see.
Oh look its suspenders trying to sound all smarter than Sony. When we all know the public domain solution can’t even read ps3 discs, no network support, and has serious performance issues with the high-end stuff.
@technole Exactly, the same clowns spreading misinformation as usual (and absolutely livid that Sony nailed the pricing with this service lol).
That PS3 emulator on PC still struggles to run some first gen PS3 games stable…… with the biggest most powerful rigs too. They haven’t a clue what nonsense they are spewing.
Personally I’d prefer if PS Plus doubled in price with no new additions or anything else whatsoever and start charging for party chat…… like Xbox tried to pull last year 🤣🤣🤣
The pricing is too expensive
Three dollars above Xbox game pass isn’t nailing anything you friggin tool.
Fantastic deal but I have to be honest as a massive supporter of Returnal why would you announce the game being given away essentially only a week after a major free expansion? Do they really want nobody to buy this game? It’s one of the best games this generation and it’s a shame nobody cares.
@iamtylerdurden1 I feel your pain but…….. I told Sony what I thought and they didn’t listen.
There is no way I will pay more than 40 quid for Returnal. It should never have been 60 let alone 80 quid for a game made by such a smaller studio.
I told them numerous times, here on this place called the “PlayStation” blog, that they need to listen to their fans logged in with REAL PSN accounts, that have bought and supported their 1st Party games for years.
But listen they did not and its one of the more unfortunate sales blunders of the 1st year of PS5 that COULD have been rectified before launch.
The game is nothing special. You need to play more games in the genre, obviously.
Thank you Sony to be the ONLY reliable source of quality and user friendly company. FOR THE PLAYERS
That’s a weak troll attempt, cooli.
OK, it’s just the price of ps + as we have had so far! Why these expensive membership fees now? That you have even fewer subscribers or what? I don’t understand your policy because everything is very expensive from games to ps4 / 5 hardware as well as the consoles themselves too! Big minus from me!
Then don’t get the more expensive ones? The essential tier is literally exactly the same features and price as PS +.
Well, it’s cheaper than gamepass ultimate, which is $180 a year, this will only be $120 per year at the most expensive level, offering more games than gamepass.
You can get a real PS5 for $399. Sony literally loses money on that.
PlayStation Plus essential is the same exact price and value as PlayStation Plus currently.
And PlayStation Plus premium is the same exact price if you were to sub yearly for PS plus and PS now currently but you get so much more.
This is $60 per year cheaper than Game pass and you get far more games and a wider collection of Legacy titles like PSP and PS1. You receive 6 generations of PlayStation games. Gamepass offers 4 with a limited selection of original Xbox titles. This is a great deal anyway you slice it. If you only have PlayStation now you literally get migrated to PlayStation premium for free it doubles your value.
U mad about to the price of a console when u probably spent more money on your phone.
They went from “who wants to play old games” to making the old games available behind a pay wall.
For the players indeed!
Yep, anything they do is a fail.
This just goes to show, ps is incapable of keeping up with competition, even after decades of practicing business, they STILL don’t know what they’re doing, or what they should be doing. They should have much more money than they have.
for the PAYERS
If you don’t want to pay for old games you are free to purchase the $60 tier which is exactly the same as current PlayStation Plus or the $100 per year tier which is basically PlayStation now and PlayStation Plus combined with other benefits but without the old games. There’s an option for everybody.
And if you own your old systems and you want to play old games go ahead and play them LOL.
If you want over 700 games from PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS4, PS5, and game trials then get the yearly sub which comes out to $10 per month average. Both $60 per year and $5 per month cheaper with a yearly sub then Game pass. Pretty reasonable if you ask me but I do understand trolls got a troll especially with a fake account get yourself a darn Avatar for crying out loud and stop switching profile names you clown. Team suspenders? Did they ban your last account LOL.
@iamtylerdurden1 Oh yeah, the blog banned their old account alkalinetp.
And get this, the first day the clown used the new hastily created on a phone new account, they actually tried talking civil.
Like there was an actual self awareness that they knew they would be caught with the garbage they usually spew, such as all the comments on this blog post right now………………… but it only lasted ONE comment before I saw through it and called them out lol.
To sum it up, “Oh, Harry Potter looks so great but Sony State of Plays are a mess” get out of here with that, lol. Instantly saw through it, although the PSN account with 0 trophies and no games is a dead giveaway.
Can the modders just ban the new account “tempsuspenders” please? I mean its IN THE NAME. They created a “temporary” account because the last one was “suspended”, did you even try hahahahaha?
@andrewsqual BRUH!!!!!!!!
didn’t you PlayStation owners keep sperging and throwing temper tantrums about backwards compatibility?. “MUH JUST PLAY PS2 GAMES ON DAE PS2 BRO HURRR DURRR” ”WHO BUYS A NEW CONSOLE TO PLAY OLD GAMEZ? I’M DEFINITELY NOT MENTALLY STUNTED” . You clowns are pathetically predictable. Imagine paying for an borning, undercooked service that literally charges you to play PS2,PS3,PS1 when I can play hundreds of 360 plus free fps enhanced games out of the box✔️. Have fun being Sony’s #1 cotton picker pal!🤡
ciel – you’d think ps would hire better trolls.
squal is just frustrated with her pay, don’t worry about her.
I agree with squall. Please no more nuisances.
Spongbob for ps+ April!?
Sony you can keep your ps+, I’m fed up with your monthly crappy games!
PS+ for April hasn’t even been revealed yet. What are you going on about?
stop complaining
battle for bikini bottom rehydrated is a pretty damn good platformer and you really missed out if you haven’t played it
No, sim city 1, barbie’s funhouse, bejeweled 2, some kiddy dinosaur game, and for vr – toilet simulator (early access)
shak fu was too expensive
Spongebob is quite good. Slay the Spire is fantastic.
Good month if the rumor is true.
I think PlayStation Plus has been pretty solid and even though the SpongeBob game and slay the spire are reportedly very good I own slay the spire and I’m not interested in SpongeBob but objectively it’s a decent month for most. I will at least try Hood outlaws I know Sumo digital made it and it looks like Assassin’s Creed multiplayer.
We just got ghost runner PS5, Ark, Sonic, ghost of tsushima Legends. We often get free VR games and they tossed us Final Fantasy 7 PS5 Edition recently.
PlayStation Plus is Hit or Miss for me but overall some of the titles from the past year or so are…
Final Fantasy VII PS5
Control Ultimate Edition PS5
Persona 5 Strikers
A Plague Tale PS5
Ghost runner PS5
Man-eater PS5
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Fall Guys
Modern warfare 2 remastered
Shadow of the Colossus
Bioshock remastered
Oddworld Soulstorm PS5
The Sims 4
Need For Speed
Just Cause 4
Shadow of War
Concrete Genie
Destruction All-Stars
Star Wars Squadrons
Kingdoms of amular Remaster
Ghost of Tsushima Legends
Wreckfest PS5
Deep Rock PS5
Zombie Army 4
Mortal Kombat
Lego DC
Walking Dead S&S
Until You Fall
Virtua Fighter V remaster
Hitman 2
Overcooked PS5
Planet Coasters PS5
Bugsnax PS5
Days Gone PS5
That’s just from going down my PlayStation Plus library in order of the games I added and when I added them some might be a little bit out of that year window but you get the idea. Overall PlayStation Plus has been pretty solid especially compared to Games with Gold. And some of those games were literally just free extras.
And of course we got the PlayStation Plus collection which included God of War, FFXV, RE7, Persona 5, Bloodborne, monster Hunter, crash trilogy, Uncharted 4, Detroit, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us remastered, Ratchet & Clank and more.
“sim city 1, barbie’s funhouse, bejeweled 2, some kiddy dinosaur game, and for vr – toilet simulator”
That literally is the games with gold this month……….. and the past 40 months lol.
Kishnabe but Slay the Spire is already included in PS Now, so for people like me having both subscriptions it would be an overlapping and getting one game less.
But of course you will have people defend plus and say how awesome it is when a lot of the games offered are complete trash! Why do we pay for online play when we are using it peer to peer and not their DEDICATED servers?
is that true or just a rumor? I hope is true! I’d love to play Spongbob with my kids!! 😀
kc – they know it’s garbage, but it’s their job to convince you it’s not.
How does this effect old ps+ free games access on ps3/vita?
it doesn’t
Yeah, I am curious how they will adapt those old systems to this program, if they don’t do anything, they may just give you the games.
It doesn’t, and it highlights a deficiency with Sony’s approach.
You still own the games, you just need to play them on their original systems. If you want to play the PS3 games on PS4/5, you need to pay monthly to play a game you already own.
Contrast with Xbox, which has pretty extensive backwards compatibility, and if you own one of those old games, you can just play it on your new Series X without having to pay for Gamepass.
Yeah because I’m sure you will own all 700 plus games LOL…..
That’s exactly what PlayStation premium is about making you pay for games you already own LOL.
I mean you probably own every PS1 through PS5 game ever made who doesn’t???
Obviously PlayStation’s architecture hasn’t been as seamless as Xbox but you are really sad if you have to reach back of that far to insult this new service. And for the record even the system Microsoft has is not perfect and it took a long time for many of those games to be added through emulation and not every game is there especially the ones on Legacy platforms.
Come up with something new, this paying to play games you already own narrative has been used up. Especially now that PS5 is nearly fully backwards compatible with PS4. And every generation going forward will be the same.
In the mail I got from PlayStation about this change they mentioned that games you got on PS3/PSVita through PSPlus will still be accessible if you keep the subscription.
But it will no longer be possible to buy PSPlus on those consoles, you’ll have to do that on PC/PS4/PS5/PS app.
In Dutch from the mail:
Belangrijke informatie voor eigenaars van een PlayStation®3 of PlayStation® Vita
Wanneer de nieuwe PlayStation Plus-service wordt gelanceerd, kun je niet rechtstreeks op je PS3 of PS Vita een abonnement kopen.
Je kunt nog steeds een abonnement kopen via een desktop-pc of mobiel apparaat, of via een PS4- of PS5-console. Als je je abonnement behoudt, blijven alle voordelen van PS3 en PS Vita (zoals eerder ingewisselde maandelijkse games) toegankelijk.
I hope nothing changes for the PSP/PS3/PSV games we already got from PS+ in the past, and their own Cloud savings.
I’m a PlayStation Now and Plus 3 month subscriber, I’ve seen that Now will change to the Premium Sub, but will it stay with the 3 Month sub or go to the 1 month and will only charged for the 1 sub instead of 2
Same! They say nothing changes for existing members in that tier but… I would like to see them say that that also counts for PSPlus PS3/PSVita/PSP games in our library and the cloud saving.
I’m already checking what games I started on PS3/PSVita that I got through PSPlus so I can try to finish them before this change. But I doubt I’ll have enough time to finish them in time…
It would be silly to assume they are going to take away the games you already got from the service. I would almost guarantee the PS plus games you have accumulated or safe it’s common sense.
In the mail I got from PlayStation about this change they mentioned that games you got on PS3/PSVita through PSPlus will still be accessible if you keep the subscription.
But it will no longer be possible to buy PSPlus on those consoles, you’ll have to do that on PC/PS4/PS5/PS app.
In Dutch from the mail:
Belangrijke informatie voor eigenaars van een PlayStation®3 of PlayStation® Vita
Wanneer de nieuwe PlayStation Plus-service wordt gelanceerd, kun je niet rechtstreeks op je PS3 of PS Vita een abonnement kopen.
Je kunt nog steeds een abonnement kopen via een desktop-pc of mobiel apparaat, of via een PS4- of PS5-console. Als je je abonnement behoudt, blijven alle voordelen van PS3 en PS Vita (zoals eerder ingewisselde maandelijkse games) toegankelijk.
Yeah Kolm i just got the same email. They aren’t mentioning games only, but all features, which probably include Cloud saving as well. I don’t care about being able to redeem Plus from older consoles as it’s useless if you own a PC.
Bruh, you can’t just drop PS1 & PSP games coming to PS5 and not give us a hint as to what games specifically lol.
I wouldn’t hold your breath in that regard.
Even though the PS1 had a library of thousands of games, expect only a few dozen games that PlayStation actually still has the licensing rights to or can be bothered to buy the rights to.
I’d imagine it to be a very slow drip, but I’m welcome to be proven wrong.
So basically expect all first party games and Sony owned IP and a smaller collection of third party. That’s pretty good for me so I will hold my breath in anticipation.
What exactly did you want to play from PSP? All of the third party indie games? Even if it’s just two dozen of the best PSP games and two dozen of the best PS1 games added to what we already have with PS2 I think that’s fine and like you said I’m sure they will drip in overtime. It’s not like Game pass has a massive collection of original Xbox games spanning hundreds of titles.
Looks interesting, waiting for regional pricing here.
But why not Vita games? At least the PlayStation TV compatible ones could be added 🙁
It’s like they want to completely bury their second generation of handheld gaming…
1. The Vita had a touchscreen and a “touch-plate” on the back, many games used them. It would be difficult to make Vita games playable with a normal controller.
2. There’s not a lot of nostalgia for the Vita, it sold very poorly. But there IS a lot of nostalgia for the other consoles. Why go through the trouble of making Vita games work with a controller and asking companies if it’s fine to make their Vita games available if nobody will play them?
@wickedultimate The PS Vita TV is a thing that existed, and 90% of the Vita library could be played with a DualShock controller.
The video is my favorite handheld but I’m getting so tired of seeing these Vita warriors who constantly ask why the handheld isn’t being supported or why it’s not on premium. Too late. You guys should have done a better job of pushing the system when it was relevant like I tried to do.
The Vita was a massive commercial failure and people let negative propaganda circulate around it. Just let it go and play the system natively like I do. It was a great system but people allowed it to fail. People allowed the smear campaigns and negative agendas to win. You all should have done a better job of defending it and supporting it.
It’s so funny seeing people who still claim expensive proprietary storage and lack of exclusives are the thing that killed the system when the Xbox series X literally has the same exact issues and is doing fine. In fact, if you actually look at the launch window games it was loaded with quality exclusives. Literally a handheld had a vastly superior launch window of exclusives then the world’s most teraflop console. All of you crying kids allowed the handheld to die. I did my part. I bought three of them brand new in the first few years and I was in every forum defending the system. Defending the launch window including exclusive Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Little Big planet, Wipeout, Gravity Rush, Resistance. All of that was either at launch or within the first 6 to 8 months and at the time it was exclusive. Soul Sac, Tearaway, Killzone were all phenomenal and released soon after. But then as the years went by and nobody bought the system and everybody allowed the world to drag it through the mud Sony shifted support to the PS4 and eventually the PlayStation VR which entirely took the place of their handheld division.
Meanwhile Nintendo gets away with even more expensive handhelds and games. They very rarely have sales on software and just now have implemented an OLED Switch which is nearly as expensive as a DE PS5. This is something that PlayStation had day one for $100 less and shortly after launch $150 less. And please don’t say but the switch is bigger and more powerful and has better OLED I would certainly hope so being a literal decade later….
You guys failed the handheld and for that we will never get a Sony handheld ever again so congratulations. And if you keep letting people drag the PlayStation 5 and of the entirety of PlayStation through the mud like they are now watch what the brand turns into. You build your own future, don’t cry after the fact because you let it happen.
I’m starting to think that the whole “90% of Vita games ran on PSTV” is overly exaggerated. Literally all the major games i wanted to play there were not officially supported.
The reason Vita games wont ever be available is because of the Vita itself. It had a front and a rear touch screen that no one wants to put for th the effort to emulate on console.
Can we just buy PS1, PS2 and psp games?
lol so true. these pay walls are crazy.
I hope in June they release an emulator to play discs. My setup is getting junkie and the ps2,3, and 5
That’s what it seems like. I read it as…
PS4/PS5 Games: Download Only
PS3 Games: Streaming Only
PS1/PS2/PSP Games: Download & Streaming
Far_From_Pukin I don’t see that happening because neither the PS4 nor PS5 have the laser that could even read the discs. For a later model though, hopefully.
Spacerac the PS1 used normal cd’s which the PS4 and ps5 can read, the PS2 used normal DVD’s which the PS4 and PS4 can read and the PS3 used normal Blu-ray discs (the same discs as the PS4 uses) which the PS4 and ps5 can read so it’s nothing to do with not having the correct lasers as they already can, it’s the software that can’t read them as there’s no emulation software in the PS4/PS5.
I wouldn’t expect anything less from the PlayStation community or the Xbox trolls who frequent it.
This is literally the best deal we could hope for at a reasonable price point spanning the entirety of the PlayStation ecosystem other than Vita. But of course people are going to nitpick the minor issues and reach back to criticisms from 2014 and earlier. PS3 had very unique architecture and is difficult to emulate well. The PlayStation backwards compatibility since that point has been lacking. The entire ecosystem on Playstation is not as cohesive as that of Xbox. These are all things we have known please stop and focus on where we are at now.
I have a garbage Xbox series s and Game pass and if we want to reach back into history and continue criticizing I can go on about how terrible the first party Legacy offerings are on Xbox because they just don’t have a very rich history of IP. They only recently invested in first party Studios. Seeing the Xbox one lineup on Game pass is embarrassing. Microsoft is a software company and they have done a great job making their systems cohesive and utilizing the same architecture. They put an emphasis on backwards compatibility mid last generation because their actual products was so lacking they needed to create incentive for people to invest in the ecosystem.
It’s very unfair to compare because both companies focus on different things. Microsoft basically gives you their entire catalog because their entire catalog is subpar. They emphasized backwards compatibility through emulation because there was no incentive to actually buy an Xbox last generation due to the fact that the games were largely terrible and infrequent. These are different companies with different strengths. Either accept it or move on. Nothing is going to be perfect but unequivocally the new service options are definitely a win. It’s not absolutely everything you could dream for but it’s very solid overall and the price point is reasonable. This paywall garbage and PS3 emulation criticism is so old and tired. I love how these people act like they have owned every single game to ever exist and Playstation premium is now making you pay for all the games you already own. Just play them on your legacy consoles if you own every game or the nearly 800 that will be offered day one it’s a joke that you act like everyone will own all 700 plus games. And if you do own a thousand of the best games across the entire PlayStation catalog then just keep your PlayStation Plus subscription. Nobody is forcing you to purchase premium. Or purchase the second tier which doesn’t include Legacy games.
This is as terrible of a deal as I first thought.
Maybe they’ll backtrack per usual.
As long as you don’t release new first-party games on day one on the service, all should be good. Your games are too good to be included here, they need to go full price for our own benefit. Quality has a cost.
Actually, we want them to release the games day one on the service. All we care about is us the gamer, not the wallet of a corporation.
Just wish they had replayability.
Agreed. I prefer the quality of Sony titles. Gamers who want day 1 AAA games don’t want to be playing good games in 10 years.
@tempsuspenders You have to start up a game first before asking for reasons why you should go back to it.
Owning a PlayStation console would be an incredible starting point too.
What is your actual goal in trolling here Xbot? Do you think Sony take feedback from a clown PSN account with 0 trophies and games on it???
Go back to Bleeding Edge on Xbox for the ultimate lesson in a brand new acquired studio releasing utter trash. Nobody “replayed” that for even 1 minute.
So, what happens to those who currently have a PSNow and PSPlus subscription? Two years left on PSPlus and until October for PSNow.
I have the same question. I suspect we’ll get moved over to the equivalent plan (PS+ Premium), but Sony really should clarify that.
PlayStation Now customers will migrate over to PlayStation Plus Premium with no increase to their current subscription fees at launch.
I mentioned in a previous thread that this is a very important question, as the concurrent Plus subscriptions is effectively money lost.
To me, a refund for the time the Plus subscription is overlapped with Now could be a quick and easy form of compensation, but I don’t know how they’re going to handle it. I hope they do good to their customers.
I don’t know how they will handle current PlayStation Plus subscriptions but I think it’s a good sign that if you only own PlayStation now you will be migrated over to the premium tier and no extra cost. So at the very least if you own both PlayStation now and PlayStation Plus I would assume you will either receive accurate compensation for your PlayStation Plus subscription in terms of credit or a refund or it will somehow accumulate to more PlayStation premium Time.
only streaming option for PS3 games sucks.
That’s what I’m saying
I’d have like to see downloads but they’d need to make a PS3 emulator for that.
That’s the only negative but everything else is so good I can live with it.
99 dolars are NOT 99€, its 90€
You want TONS of money for what? PSNow but cant use it in different regions? What a BS Sony, totaly BS…
Actually it is very close to same price. You have tax included in that price right? US doesn’t so after tax US also in general pays around $99 except maybe a few states that have really low tax
Can’t edit comments on this website apparently….but I meant it’d be $99 plus tax for us so more like $110 or so.
The above info says regions that can’t get PS Now for streaming will have a lower price-point due to being without that feature. They will talk about that closer to launch though
What happens if you’ve paid for a year of Playstation Plus and you’re only a few months in? Do you get a refund?
Read the article
except it doesnt say what happens…only what happens to PS Now.
It states in the article that existing Plus only subscriptions convert to the lowest tier.
It also states that ‘There are no changes for existing PlayStation Plus members in this tier’ which isn’t strictly true being that subscribers in the Essential tier will get two games a month rather than the three currently offered.
You get what you pay for, or, in this instance, don’t.
The rumors were true. This sounds excellent. Hopefully, I get automatically migrated to the premium tier because I have PS Now and PS+ already. There were no details on that. Can this be clarified?
I can tell you from my experience that my PS Now subscription was pushed back and name changed from June to my December PS Plus date. So yes, they’ll merge.
Why not add Crunchyroll to the Premium tier ?! Missed opportunity.
That’s kind of begging imo.
They offer an additional 700+ games for 120 a year, and you’re stuck wanting Anime instead🤷🏻‍♂️
This is great, I am a die-hard PS advocate this just hits right.
When I had my PS3, I bought a lot of PS1 and PS2 classics. I just want to be able to play those games that I already own, on PS5. That’s it. That’s what the people want.
Why we have the games in our library but we cannot play them on ps4 nor ps5. So lame.
Ars Technica recently did a study on Xbox 360 backward compatibility for the Xbox Seriex X and found that only 1.5% of players actually used the feature.
It’s evidently not something the people really care about.
I second that
That’s just the thing, the percentage of people actually playing old games is much smaller than people wanting that option. I remember buying bunch of X360 games cheap for my Xbox One, because they were backwards compatible, never played a single one. Still regret buying that console …
@Pro_TactX Probably because it’s confusing and very limited (as someone who has actually used back compat)… As for people not wanting backwards compatibility, tell that to the now tens of millions of people playing previous generation games on their PS5s or XBOX Series consoles (not to mention PC players till
playing “last gen” games… Kinds blows the (lazy) “People don’t want backwards compatibility” argument out of the water
So I can’t download ps3 games w/ the +Premium? Streaming games is kind of zzz. I can do it but for people who have bad internet it’s gonna suck
It sucks that you can only stream it, but it’s the only way to make PS3 games compatible. The PS3 uses a very different type of architecture from the PS4/5, making the games natively compatible would be a massive pain in the butt.
wickedult – you’re wrong
But you can download PS1, PS2, PSP, PS4, PS5….
You can’t have it all especially at a reasonable price point.
At team suspenders what is your next name going to be on your next fake profile that has no Avatar and no games attached to it?
Did they ban your last profile for trolling?
You don’t own a PlayStation so why are you constantly here???
And the person above is actually correct because emulating the PS3 is a massive pain in the butt and the current emulations are terrible and the library is largely incomplete.
If this service was $180 per year I would be more bummed out about not being able to download one of the six PlayStation platforms available but considering the price is pretty reasonable equivalent to $10 per month with a yearly sub I can live with it.
Haven’t though about my next name, yet.
They’re currently emulating ps3 now. How do you think it gets to your console from their servers – by thousands of ps3’s?
You should know things like this.
Okay, so if you are already a basic ps plus subscriber, will there be an option to upgrade your plan in the middle of a year?
I saw that NOW users will be upgraded to Premium at no cost, but how much will it be for existing plus members? I have PLUS paid out through Jan 2025, so I’d hate to have to pay an entire fee in top of already having 3 years left.
G’day, checking to see if this service will be available in Australia? We don’t have PlayStation now but this would be great if we did.
I went scrolling down looking for a comment like this. They say it’ll be cheaper in regions that don’t have access to Now, but there’s not really any mention of plans to make Now available, so I don’t know what that’ll mean for games from older consoles being made available. There’s a bunch of games on the AU PSN store from Now that are listed as being inaccessible for us, but I don’t know if it’s likely Sony will notice.
They make mention in the bottom of the article of the PS Plus Deluxe tier for us non PS Now regions, which mention PS1,PS2,PSP downloads & the rest of the Premium tier content minus the Cloud Streaming/PS3 access.
Regional Pricing TBA though…Jim Ryan’s hinting the cloud streaming is planned for other regions later,but also TBD!
How much of a “discount” we’ll get,(& even when they do,that there’s no announced upgrade path for the basic PS Plus tier),remains to be seen! :-/
Sad the legacy library of ps1/2/psp games going to paywalled ala Nintendo Online too!
It also sounds like they are trying to roll PlayStation premium out to more regions as this is a massive effort. I cannot guarantee that Australia will definitely have all the benefits but it certainly sounds like PlayStation will make an effort to include more regions over time. This is obviously a huge venture for them and I would imagine in time Australia will be included.
Doubt it. We’re the arse end of the world when it comes to stuff like this. We’ll get told to take the dodgy Deluxe alternative and deal with it.
Hmm… 120 for PS+ Premium vs 160 for Game Pass…. Interesting.
I hope this content and service is worth it… Because while the price is good the content may not be
The price seems reasonably good but it needs to include first party titles day 1 like Game Pass for it to be worth the price.
First party games day one isn’t gonna happen unless they see a massive decline in sales. No point in it.
That is why the Xbox game pass is so much better it includes day 1 games, i guess it just means ill wait until the games are added to the subscription before i get to play new games hopefully they will hit the subscription within 90 days or so.
Game pass is 180. At least in my region.
The people who realistically expect and want day one first party releases on Playstation premium are clueless or casuals.
Microsoft can offer first party games day 1 because their first party selection is terrible. I have Game pass and all I need to do is look at the entire Xbox One library which is basically on Game pass and it’s absolutely atrocious. Just compare the exclusives from PS4. Even now Microsoft has only released two new AAA exclusives in about a year and a half.
You can give your games away on a service when when they are less infrequent and of lower quality. How many great new first party releases has gamepass gotten this generation? Two? One of them was good being Forza and the other was probably the most overrated game of the past few years.
It’s absolutely laughable for people to assume PlayStation can do the same exact thing. Imagine if Sony gave their exclusives away day one on PlayStation now since the beginning of the service?
I believe 2014 is when PlayStation now started. Let’s compare the Marquee day one exclusives from PlayStation and Xbox from that time period that could have been on Game pass and Playstation premium had they both been around since 2014. This is off the top of my head.
Uncharted 4
Uncharted Lost Legacy
Zero Dawn
Shadow of the Colossus
Last Guardian
Gravity Rush 2
God of War
Days Gone
The Last of Us 2
Ghost of Tsushima
Final Fantasy VII
Death Stranding
Demon’s Souls Remake
Spiderman Miles Morales
GT Sport
The Order
Knack 2
Horizon Forbidden West
Gran Turismo 7
Halo 5
Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
Forza (all of them)
Bleeding Edge
Gears 4
Gears 5
Halo Infinite
Tell Me Why
I’m not including games that already went multiplatform to the point they are on the competitors console. I have to include console exclusives otherwise Microsoft would have nothing. And I’m not including ports or remasters.
I’m honestly struggling to remember AAA or Marquee Xbox exclusives from 2014 until now that weren’t ports or a masters or games that went full multiplat. Killer instinct when did that release? Dead rising 4 is on PlayStation. I don’t remember if Titanfall 1 released before PlayStation now. But you can see it’s absolutely pathetic to compare there is no comparison even if I missed a couple. Sony can’t do the same thing.
I forgot Sunset overdrive but even that could possibly be on Playstation soon.
I also forgot State of Decay one and two I’m just remembering now.
Regardless though the comparison is laughable.
And I already know people are going to bring up flight simulator but that was a port. I’m only referring to new Marquee day one exclusives.
Even if you added Titanfall, Sunset O, and state of decay it’s pretty pathetic and meager on Xbox. Scratching my head there must be more. I think Project spark was 2014 maybe you could add that?
And please don’t mention Bethesda because I’m talking reality here. Day one exclusives since 2014. Not purchasing a publisher and hijacking all of their IP that already released multiplatform.
“PlayStation Now customers will migrate over to PlayStation Plus Premium with no increase to their current subscription fees at launch.”
PS Now is $60 a year and PS Plus Premium is $120. Seems like a good time to rush and buy PS Now?
Exactly that. Existing PS Now subscribers look like they will get a better deal than existing PS Plus subscribers who will be migrated to PS Plus Essential.
I’d want some clarity before I bought it though…
That’s what I was thinking. Anyone who doesn’t have either should quickly but a few years of PSnow to ultimately save have the cost of the new PS+ Premium. Too bad I already paid for a year of PS+ but don’t have PS Now…
they deleted the purchase options for PS now. Can only buy 1 month of PS now now.
Same trash service as always except now you’re trying to con people in to getting ps now which is awful and I cancelled after the trial.
Regret buying so much plus during PS4 generation your boring ass exclusives suck as well. Ubisoft open boring crap!
PS Plus Essential is the same features as now and costs the same, it is essentially just renamed. They are not trying to con anyone?
Well duh they’re offering less IGC games.
Keep your PS+ literally the same thing just called essential.
I won’t even touch the amateurish attempt to troll PlayStation exclusives. Weak. How did you get access to a smartphone? How old are we? Give it back to Daddy you have no business on the internet. Can someone hand this kid and Nintendo switch or a series s controller? How did he wander into the PlayStation ecosystem? Play your jumpy jump 3D platformers or your gift multiplats on your $350 switch or whatever old games and day one trash is on Game pass. I should know I have a series s and regret it greatly. Look what I did I fell into the nonsense and lowered myself. Oh well, you only live once.
🤡 – tyler
No Vita?
Also, If you’re only allowing cloud streaming of PS2 games, it better at least have more than 16 games in its library.
Its the best selling console of all time, and it has only 16 playable games available… from the company that created it!
Fix this!
It’s only the PS3 games that are cloud only.
PS2 games are currently downloadable on PlayStation now and will be on Playstation premium.
So no news on if it’s coming to Australia
Do you consider to add Playstation Plus to baltic countries as well?
So no news if this is coming to Australia
So, there’s literally nothing different. You added an extra pointless tier. Circus show.
Sounds like it. The fact that they’re proud to offer older games via streaming is a slap to the face. Their streaming tech is horribly laggy and very far from being a 1:1 playing experience. Invest in emulation not streaming. I have plenty of discs for PS1, 2 & 3 I would love to play on my PS5. Make it happen!
You two are absolutely wrong and you pontificate on the misinformation you attempt to spread.
For knucklehead number two, you absolutely can download ps1, PS2, PS4, PSP, PS5. PS3 is the only one of the six that is not available for download. Stop spreading lies and actually read.
For knucklehead number one, unless you don’t have a firm grasp of the English language “different” would entail that it’s not the same. PlayStation premium absolutely is not the same even if you were to subscribe to PlayStation now and PlayStation Plus because it adds PS1, PSP, PS5 native (PSNow does not), and it will offer game trials. You could also assume they will increase the output of semi recent PS5 games due to the announcement of Returnal, Miles Morales, and Death Stranding DC but we can play without that assumption and it’s still significantly different than what PlayStation now and PlayStation Plus currently is. Unless ofc you are new to gaming and have never heard of PlayStation 1 or PlayStation portable? For the better assumption would be you are just a casual gamer who doesn’t realize PlayStation now currently has no native PS5 games. Maybe you don’t understand what the word trial means because you certainly don’t understand what the word different means.
I’ll explain it in very simple terms. On a monthly sub it’s cheaper than subscribing to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now currently and on a yearly sub it’s the same exact cost but you get PlayStation 1, PSP, native PS5, and game trials added. Get a friend who knows about gaming to explain this to you.
I’ll explain it better than tylerdookie:
PS added nothing, exciting. They basically bundled crap they already have (instead of improving and firing everybody at ps, including doodie and andysquirm).
Just like fast food.
Why are time-limited game trials part of the value proposition? they should be included in all tiers.. what a world we live in where demoing a game costs money. Especially considering the last time I checked Sony’s refund policy on purchases is not up to the standards set by the likes of Microsoft and Steam.
Could you please also clarify the upgrade path for people with existing subscriptions? will people with active subscriptions be able to convert to these higher tier subscriptions like what Microsoft did with Game Pass Ultimate? Perhaps offer people an introductory and appealing membership conversion rate to hook early adopters and drive growth early.
Yeah, we should have game trials in general and the Sony’s refund policy is god awful. I bought Mafia 2 and only played it for 30 min but they wouldn’t let me refund the game. What a joke.
People with a PlayStation now subscription will be converted to PlayStation Plus premium just like you see with Xbox live Gold members being converted to gamepass ultimate.
As for PlayStation plus they have yet to announce the conversion.
As for game trials they are not the same as demos technically and that would be an issue to take up with the industry at Large.
As for the return policy steam has a great system but I wouldn’t know on Xbox because like everybody else I only have Game pass… But I will say the few times I needed a refund I was able to get it through Sony though it can be annoying.
As for more information.. this is literally the first announcement and I’m sure Sony will elucidate further in the imminent future.
Shouldn’t need any subscription for demos.
Nice, pretty much exactly what I was hoping for at launch. With a good catalog of games and minor improvments over time this could be huge.
What about a basic cheaper tier with only Online multiplayer access? Why offer only more expensive tiers options? Or, why don’t you make Online multiplayer access FREE????
If they make online access free a lot of current subscribers that only play call of duty or fortnite and don’t care for the ps plus games would immediately cancel their subscription.
Giving a cheaper tier with only multiplayer access sounds interesting but they’ll never do it, why would Playstation cut their own income like that.
Business is business sadly.
Alot. And I mean alot of people would go for that option and Sony doesn’t want to lose that huge sum of revenue.
Exactly. This is what I was hoping for, that if they provide more expensive tiers, they’ll hopefully finally do a cheaper one just for online access, which should have been available from the very start. But no, that way they couldn’t keep overcharging those of us who only want online and don’t care about their random game selections.
I agree… Working *something* out for people who just want to play online would be nice.
Always reminds me of that South Park episode :d “Oh, you don’t want to deal with our packages? That really bums you out?” *open nip flaps*
Just create PS3 emulation for PS5 already and allow people who own PS3 games to play them in 4K! Streaming is not the answer.
Couldn’t have said truer words
Man, people would love that!
heck yes this is the way.
Ha, Sony is too greedy to do that. Just like everyone who says PS4 wasn’t BC with PS3 when I had BF4 and AC: Black Flag PS3 Discs in my PS4 playing them. Sony won the PS4 gen and got super greedy!
amazing how easy it is to spot comments from people who have never written a single line of code in their life
2 Questions. since my plus was just recently purchased for a year will there be a way to upgrade the current sub to a higheer tier?
what games will be on the list (i know a couple was mentioned) will they remain in the library or will they be swapped out over time
That’s not bad.
Much better than I thought actually.
Death Stranding and Returnal among others.
PSP games, PS1. PS3 games can be streamed.
Yeah not bad.
The only thing missing for me is Crunchyroll. 🙏
Good job, PlayStation!!! ❤️
Im excited just think you should really consider speeding up the load time when booting up games. Makes a huge difference for me.
Add more PS Studio games
High profile games
Every generation of games.
Not asking for much really.
Also stop with limited time games, and if you do continue use that on games that are newly released as a good way to promote it. Not on games that have been out for longer then 3 months. Otherwise get rid of it.
Excited to see the game list for ps1,ps2, and psp. Lots of ps1 and ps2 games that I would love to play again. For psp I want that kill zone game and Patapon. Hopefully crisis core as well
Is there an option to upgrade to tier 3 if I currently have ps+.
I’m wondering the same
Can’t you add the ability to allow child accounts to use the cloud backup for their save games, it’s a pain to have to remind my 12 year old to backup his games externally in case there is an issue.
If it’s a pain to remind him you could just let him learn the hard way. It’s just video game progress.
I can finally play my PS1/PSP childhood games!
Now please add PSVITA TOO 🥰🥰🥰
Hopefully it is a good catalogue of games and not just a few popular ones.
You’ll only be able to play a select selection of those games, chances are your childhood games won’t be within said selection.
I hope for your sake that they are, of course.
Me too but not through PSNow or this PSPlus Premium.
I don’t think it’s up to par with Xbox GamePass yet, but would need to see an actual list of games included on Extra & Premium. I think launching God of War: Ragnarok into Premium on Day 1 would be a show of good faith. Will I still upgrade to premium regardless? Probably – it’s still cheap for a year of access… but I would like to see PS3 become downloadable. Would give me a reason to let go of my PS3 console if all my games I still have made it to PS5.
“[In terms of] putting our own games into this service, or any of our services, upon their release… as you well know, this is not a road that we’ve gone down in the past. And it’s not a road that we’re going to go down with this new service. We feel if we were to do that with the games that we make at PlayStation Studios, that virtuous cycle will be broken. The level of investment that we need to make in our studios would not be possible, and we think the knock-on effect on the quality of the games that we make would not be something that gamers want.”
That’s from Jim Ryan in an interview that was just published alongside this announcement.
Jim Ryan’s words mean nothing to gamers.
What Jim says make sense from a business perspective. I think the most logical way for them to sustain Day 1 Releases on a subscription is to charge gamers an absurd monthly fee to recuperate the development costs. Obviously there’s corporate greed, (and let’s be honest) there always is, but it’s also why Netflix and Amazon Prime fees have gone up yet again, with Disney+ soon to follow. It costs them money to generate content (content that might not even appeal to you) and they gotta make that money somewhere. You can either pay the new fees or you can cancel your subscription. I’m perfectly content with the basic plan here and am just glad they didn’t jack up the price again.
Oh please, as if those streaming services aren’t all making money as is except Netflix, who is doing things the wrong way. Be quiet.
Will brand new titles be available on launch under the Extra and Premium memberships?
I’m done with ps+. It is pure trash and provides 0 Value. You are force to pay money in order to play games online, I guess I’m done with gaming online on my PS and I’ll just do it on PC. Anyways these prices seem insane, they need to be down by $20 in order for us to get an actual good deal. Ever since the announcement of the PS5, Sony has been going down hill and I’m super sad about that. I have been playing PS games since the PS1 good old days. I have now achieved my 80th Platinum trophy on my account but I’m sad with the direction Sony has been heading. Oh well ,what can we do other than voice our opinions. I’m gaming more on PC now ever since the lunch of PS5 and I’m sure more people will follow that suit due to Sony actions as of recent.
The annual price for PS Plus Premium is exactly the same as the combined prices of PS Plus and PS Now, and PS Plus Premium will offer more content.
More content for the same price seems like a good deal to me.
They literally just merged the services if anything this is better than just plus
They literally just merged the services if anything this is better than just plus
@Pro_TactX PS Plus was always overpriced and we only bought it because we wanted to play online. Now, It seem to be a good deal since it is combined with PS Now. But I’m too sure with the other tiers since we have no clue about what games they will provide.
Unless I’m mistaken, the lowest tier still only gives you the functionality of the old PS+ subscription.
You only get the combined PS+ and PS Now functionality by upgrading to a higher tier.
So … it’s still the same deal as before, they just added PS1 and PS5 games to the Now portion.
I’m not saying that how you feel is wrong or right, you do you. But you, like many people, vastly overestimate the appeal of PC gaming. Most people don’t want to be bothered and they just want to be able to plug up their game box to the TV and play.
Some people are lazy, and want a closed platform loaded with greed and no replayability. Those people can’t handle the best gaming platform, PC.
I dunno man the cost of the platinum offer is about the same price as buying 2 of the latest games. So access to 700 plus games seams pretty reasonable for that price. I’d hold off till it comes as you’re going to be upgraded to that platform at no extra cost if you’re saying you’re already a ps plus member 🤷‍♂️
Anyone who tries to tell PC gaming is overrated is massively ignoring reality. I mean, wow.
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