O próximo remake de Final Fantasy é supostamente Final Fantasy IX

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Gaming website Gematsu is reporting that the next game Square Enix plans on remastering in the Final Fantasy series is the PS One title, Final Fantasy IX. There have been rumours for some time now that Square Enix has been working on the project, but Gematsu’s rumour track record is very good. The game saw Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe kidnap Princess Garnet, who is the heir of Alexandria, and together Zidane and crew set out on a magical journey. The game was originally released in 2000 and is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.
For folks who didn't catch it:

"While Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project is only a fan proof of concept that will not be released as a playable product, Gematsu understands that an actual Final Fantasy IX remake by Square Enix is currently in development."
Oh my….this better be real cause I’m gonna cry if it’s not.
Makes sense to make it a Switch 2 launch exclusive, but Sony will likely pay Square to make it a PS5 exclusive instead.
+Lord Foxxy Foxington
Why would that make sense? Final Fantasy IX launched as a Playstation 1 exclusive so if anything it launching as a Playstation 5 exclusive would make more sense.
Personally though, I’d prefer it launch Multi-Platform.
I think you mean the Nintendo Swiitch
So they haven’t even dreamed to finish FF7R, but are also working on IX? Ok then. Will we even live to see the end of these games with this release schedule and them being stretched to multiple parts?
I mean they’ve confirmed Part 2 to FF7R for Fall of this year so…
Delayed to 2024, but yes. The game requires two discs to play as well.
I play 35years, beat thousands of games, play best games in many genres (skyrim, gta, uncharted, gran turismo, halo, killzone, all zeldas, all final fantasies, all dragon quests and many more..),
but still, after 35 years is Final Fantasy 9 best and mine most fauvorite game ever!!! (Mostly because Nobuo Uematsu best soundrack 🙂
I talk about original psx playstation 1, pal version. Actual “android” ports for switch and ps4 (iPad too) is horible bad 🙁
I real hope for ff7 remake quality minimal!
I own original jap four cd soundtrack, is great.
How do you not think tactics isnt best? I have also played them all but tactics is literally the best game ever made….
Oh no! How dare someone has opinions!
My personal favorite has always been Final Fantasy 8, but i’d definitely get behind a Final Fantasy 9 Remake. This makes me wanna play the Final Fantasy 9 classic port. I doubt it’ll be a Switch exclusive title, i agree either a PS5 exclusive or multi platform.
One of the best games of all time
My third favorite Final Fantasy game
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