Os principais downloads da PlayStation Store em 2021

Find out where your favorites placed in the PS Store charts for 2021.
Hello again! Following last week’s reveal of the December charts, we’ve collected PlayStation Store’s most-downloaded games for the entire year of 2021. Sports titles were the big winners on PS5, but there’s a surprise or two waiting in there too, like Among Us hitting #6 in the EU despite launching in December — nice!
Check the full charts below and let us know in the comments where your faves landed. Have a great year!
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*Naming of products may differ between regions

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Dang Among Us must’ve done some monster numbers to end up that high in the yearly chart after only being on sale a couple weeks. Wish Returnal would’ve placed higher.
They need to drop that Returnal DLC. My game of the year but it needs a boost right now. I know the budget was paltry and it probably covered at 500k units but Sony needs to keep the game relevant or attempt to stretch it. It’s a shame that the casual masses will overlook such a compelling game simply because it didn’t have gobbs of marketing. When the last Dark Souls hits 10 mil and Elden Ring is voted most anticipated game of the year difficulty can’t be an excuse.
As good as Rift Apart was, I still was more enthralled with Returnal. If u play the game please go all in and read the lore, check the house, and immerse yourself. The game can be as deep as u want it to be. There’s a world of creative depth and an intriguing character to behold if u give the game proper attention. It’s a fascinating ride and it’s never been better with the content additions, QoL improvements, and ofc photo mode. Unfortunately, it even has saves now. No excuse not to dive in now. Whether u love Housemarque, roguelites, or intriguing science fiction, alien worlds, and psychological intrigue. There’s a bit of Christopher Nolan, a bit of Ridley Scott, a bit of Dead Space/Lost Planet in a unique AAA roguelite package. Best in class 3D audio and DualSense support featured as well. Truly the best in-game audio I have ever heard. When u feel rain through your controller and then thunder strikes your eardrums via 3D audio u will be in awe for a moment. I was. This is the only game that made me really stop and notice the 3D audio.
Who are the p.o.s.’s buying call of duty?
probably the same people buying fifa every year
CoD, GTA, Fifa. Welcome to the industry….
Big F to gta v hate
Gta v is king 😃
Well that’s not that bad
Really impressive that The Forest is still making these lists after being out for a few years. I loved the game and am happy to see it still doing so well.
EU top 3 for PS5 – FIFA, COD, FIFA…
FFS, gamers…
It’s sad to see the same junk in the top 5 or so every month. GTA, Minecraft, CoD, Fortnite.
Gaming is bigger than ever but also dumber. The influx of casuals has been felt for a while. Ffs Halo Infinite was voted GotY by fans for The Game Awards while just the multiplayer was even available and even that was merely in beta. A free to play, mp beta was voted GotY. I have played both the mp and campaign and GotY should never be uttered in correlation with Halo Infinite. Probably the most overrated and underwhelming game of 2021 for me. I see the official GotY awards list and it’s mostly the big name games winning the fan vote. Ratchet & Clank had 14 media voted awards and ONE fan voted award last I checked. Returnal had the exact same numbers. Needless to say Resident Evil, Halo, Forza had much different ratios..
Fan voting/awards – as well as raw download numbers – will always be heavily influenced by hype, marketing, and whichever was the most recent one they played. It’s not that different from movies or television, either – a great movie with no marketing budget won’t be seen by as many people, no matter how awesome it may be. There’s a reason they’re willing to spend all that money on advertising – it’s not cheap.
While GTA, CoD, and Fortnite are all NOT my thing, I gotta stop you at Minecraft. Few games have pulled our family together like it has, and still can. And it’s still getting significant – and free! – updates. Not many games can say that.
Are these top download charts representative of first-time downloads or just any download at anytime from the store?
F Fallout 76 did not get here mega B R U H
Stefan Diggs!
Stefon lol
Why not the last of us part 2 was not on the list on top download for ps4 of 2021
Europe really loves soccer/football
Most of the world loves soccer. Note that Madden isn’t on their list at all.
Meanwhile, the only soccer I can manage to watch without falling asleep is Ted Lasso. I just don’t understand the dang game. I sure don’t want to play it on my PS.
To each their own.
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