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We’re delighted to reveal that the next Sea of Thieves Community Day is mere weeks away, set to take place on May 14! Season Five’s Community Day made waves when it arrived on the game’s shores back in January, so for Season Six’s event we’re going bigger and offering players even more bang for their Community Day buck. With boosted rewards, a huge opportunity to raise Renown and soar to level 100 in Seasonal progression, login bonuses, in-game (and real-life) bargains, Twitch Drops for everyone, and a smorgasbord of wholesome festivities planned, there’s never been a better time to be a pirate.
This Season’s Community Day will kick off with a generous gold and reputation boost from the very beginning, but it’s the rate of Renown earned that’ll be boosted by our community tweet-along this time around. That multiplier will be in our players’ hands as we challenge them to work together and raise the Community Emissary Grade. Everyone using the hashtag #SeaofThievesCommunityDay on Twitter from 10am UTC on the day will help the whole community rack up Renown rewards, with the top Emissary Grade bestowing an astonishing three-and-a-half times the amount of Renown for the duration of the day! So, if you haven’t yet hit level 100 this Season, or you have friends who haven’t unlocked all of Season Six’s rewards, May 14’s the day to make sure you set sail.
It’s not just boosted Renown on offer to players – there’ll be gifts aplenty for everyone logging in to Sea of Thieves to take part. Both the stunning, spring-coloured Season Six Community Day Flag and the gloriously silly Wing Flap Emote will be available for free to those who log in during this 24-hour window. So make sure you swing by the seas to collect your shiny new items, and remember to hoist those flags high before you set sail to let other crews know you’re taking part in the celebrations.
The shopkeepers of the Pirate Emporium are also getting involved in this event, with big savings to be made on the day. Players will be able to make their Ancient Coins go a lot further, with half-price pets and significantly snipped price tags on the Dark Warsmith Costume, ship set and weapons. A whole host of emotes will be discounted too, giving players all sorts of options to make their pirates just that little bit snazzier.
Not to be outdone by the Pirate Emporium, our merchandise store sale is returning too. Those of you who love physical loot can use discount code COMMUNITYDAY on May 14 for 30% off selected Sea of Thieves items! Season Six Community Day will also boast its own commemorative T-shirt, only available to buy on the day itself – so you’ll need to be speedy to bag this very special, super-limited item.
Of course, the #SeaofThievesCommunityDay hashtag isn’t just about raising everyone’s Renown, it’s about celebrating and sharing all things Sea of Thieves. We want to hear tales of your sails, celebrate the friendships formed on our shores, and get a peek at all your pirates’ faces. We’ll even be rewarding some of our presently unsung community heroes with the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame – so if you think either you or a crewmate deserves the limelight (and a particularly rare and fetching hat), rest assured we’ll be scouring the #BeMorePirate hashtag for nominations from now until the end of Season Six Community Day.
We’ll also be awarding prizes to pirates that we bump into on stream during a celebratory Sea of Thieves TV broadcast, going out live from Rare HQ – and those who tune into our Twitch stream (or anyone else’s Sea of Thieves stream on the day, for that matter) for 20 minutes or longer can also bag the Gilded Phoenix Banjo via Twitch Drops.
And on that note: it’s important to say that while there’s a lot up for grabs on Sea of Thieves Community Days, these events aren’t just about the gold or the glory. We hold these Days to celebrate all the amazing pirates who choose to sail our seas, and we really hope that as many of you as possible will join us for what promises to be a brilliant day of seafaring and social media shenanigans. So stick the Season Six Community Day in your schedule and plot a course for the Sea of Thieves on May 14 – we look forward to seeing you then!
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