Phil Spencer: Nosso objetivo seria tornar o COD no Switch de desempenho igual ou melhor do que em outros jogos do Switch

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The Activison-Blizzard acquisition is still undetermined as Microsoft battles both the Federal Trade Commission in the United States and the Competition and Markets Authority in the United Kingdom. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer was asked during the recent court battle with the FTC whether Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch would look the same as it would on Xbox Series X consoles. Naturally it won’t, so Spencer answered the question by saying “I think it will play as a great Switch game. I don’t think it will look the same.” He then said that they would aim to make sure that the performance of Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch would be equal to, or better than, other third party Nintendo Switch games.
Spencer confirms that COD's target performance on Switch would be relative to other Switch games, not relative to Call of Duty's performance on other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.
Q You're not aware of anyone doing any economic analysis of Nintendo in regards to this deal?

I thought the COD in WiiU did amazing. It was beautiful, played well and exposed Nintendo gamers to a whole new(lack of a better term) battlefield
I totally agree, the Wii U version of COD was great. Even the Wii versions of it was good.
The Wii U versions of COD were great. It allowed Wii remote control as an option, which is superior to the Joy-Cons. Another brilliant feature and I don’t know why other developers didn’t use it was that it allowed one player to play on a TV with Pro Controller or Wii remote and nunchuk, and a second player to play with the gamepad with their own separate screen. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was another game to have this feature.
The Wii U was closer to the competition in terms of performance. The Switch isn’t, and it’s probably the largest the gap has ever been for a Nintendo platform.
Call of Duty: Scarlet and Violet
If Call of Duty can run on the Wii and WiiU, Then C.O.D. can run perfectly fine on The Nintendo Switch. Stop being silly. Sure it won’t look as pretty, like on the Xbox Series X, but it will still play fine.
I’m guessing none of you played Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch?!! It plays perfectly fine!
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