Platinum contrata ex-gerente geral de licenciamento da Nintendo como seu novo vice-presidente

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My Nintendo News
Platinum Games has announced that they have recently employed former Nintendo licensing general manager, Takao Yamane. as the company’s new Vice President and Chief Brand Officer. VGC says that Mr. Yamane served for seven years as the general manager of Nintendo’s licensing department and he was Vice President of Nintendo France in the past, so he’s clearly a very experienced individual. Platinum Games says that the hire will change the company significantly. Platinum are working on a number of video games including Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch family of systems which is scheduled for release on 28th October.
Will be good if Yamane can really help with pointing Platinum at the right direction. I respect that company but at the risk of sounding mean here, they always struck me as having almost no major knowledge on the bussiness side of things. Hopefully that will change for the better with Yamane around.
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