Platinum Games planeja anúncio especial amanhã

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Acclaimed Japanese video game development studio Platinum Games has announced on their official account that they have a special announcement planned for tomorrow. While everyone is hoping for a Metal Gear Revengeance remaster, or something similar, it should be noted that tomorrow is Saturday, 1st April, which means it is April Fools Day. Who knows what Platinum will announce on the day, but we are certainly keen to find out.

PlatinumGames has something special up our sleeve.
Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow👀✨#PlatinumGames
Kamiya will unblock everyone on Twitter?
Not really dude. He block me on Twitter a few months ago after Bayonetta 3 was released.
Ha, hell might freeze over 😂
Ah yes and the date is April 1st, what could possibly go wrong?
One thing to realize though is that Japan doesn’t treat April 1 the same as the West does. April 1 is considered the start of many things over there, so the idea of a serious announcement isn’t unusual.
The announcement that b3 wasn’t cannon to the series and was just Lukas dream
And Bayo Origins isn’t canonical either.
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