Pokemon Presents chegando no Pokemon Day, 27 de fevereiro

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The Pokemon Company has confirmed this afternoon that they will be holding a special Pokemon Presents presentation on Pokemon Day which takes place this year on Sunday, 27th February. The event will be live streamed on the usual platforms and will air at 2pm UK time/6am PT time. While it is not clear what will be showcased during the event, the actual presentation will be fourteen minutes long.

Legends: Ho-oh? DLC for Arceus? Red and Blue versions for iOS and Android? No? Oh…
Lol hoping for some story dlc for arceus. I doubt it’ll happen tho, maybe some added pokemon would be nice. Or adding in some more trainer battles. I would like any of those 3 tbh but even if not, im happy with the game as it currently is either way.
Honestly TPC, PLEASE just give us Pokken Tournament 2, the first game was so good but it didn’t live up to what it could have been.
A presentation on a Sunday? That’squite unusual. Curious what we’ll see. Though I don’t really expect anything too interesting at this time.
Yup, it’s simply because Pokemon Day lands on that very day 🙂
Maybe new content for Pokémon Legends.
During the switchs life spane pokemon has gotten the most direct presence… Than acual directs… Even animal crossing
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