Prepare-se para projetar seu jardim dos sonhos com o Garden Simulator, disponível agora no Xbox

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Sit back, relax and build the ultimate dream garden! Renowned artist Claude Monet once said: “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” And now you can create your masterpiece with Garden Simulator on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
Before you can enjoy the colorful beauty of flowers or take in the harvest from your crops you have to start preparing your garden by taking out the trash. For every piece of garbage that you clean and put in the waste bin, you’ll get coins, which in return you can use to purchase tools, various seeds or deco elements.
There is no need to stress. You’ll get there when you get there. Garden Simulator allows you to enjoy improving and expanding your backyard at your own pace. You can follow the challenges in order to unlock tons of new items. Or you focus on aesthetics and make your garden a beauty to behold. No matter your choice, with the intuitive controls the only thing that stands between you and a yard that will rival the most beautiful creations of famous landscapers is your imagination.
With roughly a dozen tools in four categories, 13 varieties of fruits and vegetables, 14 different types of herbs and flowers as well as fences, various path and patio elements that can be freely combined or customized, no garden will look the same. Not to mention the nine types of garden gnomes that will give your little green paradise a cheeky individual touch.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Xbox Controller and start gardening! Plant tulips, grow strawberries or melons, enjoy the serenity of a self-made hedge maze or try to strike a balance between horticultural and flower gardening. The choice is yours!
With Garden Simulator you have endless possibilities to customize your allotment and make it your individual location to relax and unwind. Begin with flower beds for ornamental plants or decide to grow crops. Take care of your lawn and beautify your creation with garden accessories like deck chairs or gnomes. Build fences or stone paths to brighten up your courtyard. As long as you have earned enough coins you can customize your yard and make it a small paradise – without stress or constraints. 
Are you ready to turn unloved, overgrown land into your garden paradise? Then start it now! Pick up Garden Simulator  now and design your very own garden oasis today!

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