Prepare-se para se tornar um Major-Leaguer no MLB The Show 22, amanhã

See what’s new and brush up your skills with a 101 video series.
Our San Diego Studio team is very excited for tomorrow’s release of MLB The Show 22. In addition to the new features, Legends, and Feature Programs fans can look forward to, we’re also celebrating this launch with the release of a 101 video series, Learn The Show.
For new and returning fans alike, this series puts you in Coach’s classroom to provide the tools you need to up your game on the diamond.
Every weekday in April, we’ll be sharing a new Learn The Show video in this series on our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) to answer these questions and more, and will maintain a full library for your quick reference at
We’ve also been working on a lot of great new features for all our fans, returning and new. Here are just a few of the new additions to look forward to in MLB The Show 22:
We’ve received a lot of community feedback and are happy to confirm we’ve addressed some of those requests. We hope you’re as excited as we are.
But that’s not all. Be sure to check out how MLB The Show 22 is bringing new commentary and online co-op play to players everywhere.
We could not be more excited for MLB The Show 22 coming out on PlayStation, Xbox, and now Nintendo Switch! MLB The Show 22 launches tomorrow, April 5. Get Early Access beginning April 1, 2022 when you pre-order either the Digital Deluxe Edition or MVP Edition.
For more detailed information on MLB The Show 22 including an important update on year to year saves and more please read our FAQ here.
*Online multiplayer features require internet connection and console-specific online multiplayer subscription.
**Cross-platform progression requires an internet connection and for each platform you play on: 1) a copy of the MLB The Show 22 game compatible with your console (other platform versions sold separately); and 2) platform network account linked to your MLB The Show account.
***Stubs purchased on one game platform are not transferable to another.

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Game is so broken. I dont understand since it is 95% the same game as last year including menus and modes.
This is PS5 version accounts:
-Loadouts keep disappearing and you have to go back in and set them after every game
-If playing RTTS and you continue to next appearance from within another game your loadout wont be there and will be as you dont have one for the next game
-Keeps walking through tutorials in menus all the time even after you have gone through them all several times.
-When throwing from Home to 2nd base the entire video cuts to black except for the score panel in the corner 75% of the time
-The gameplay options dont mean anything, half the time the computer players do whatever they want regardless of the difficulty setting.
I am actually quite surprised how bad this is was released. These are fundamental issues that there is ZERO chance the devs didnt see the problems.
Maybe you guys should not do the early release for pre-orders.
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This is day one on ps plus for everyone right?
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