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Hello Xbox Wire readers! I’m Yared from Whitethorn Games, and I’d like to introduce to you our latest release, Princess Farmer, available today in the Xbox Store! Our wonderful friends at Samobee Games have crafted a cute and colourful combination of a visual novel and match-3 with a unique twist on its puzzle gameplay.
The story begins with an unassuming, hard-working bunny tending to a farm. She’s a simple bun, wanting nothing more than to snack on a tasty carrot and relax after a long day’s work. Just as she’s about to wrap up for the day, she stumbles upon a lost tube of lipstick before heading home. That night, she vividly dreams of meeting a powerful bunny-goddess named Gaia, who tells her that the lipstick she found was actually a magical artifact. By finding it, she has now become the new Princess Farmer, inheriting the power to pull, replant, and match veggies-a power she must now use to save the world!
The core puzzle gameplay involves plucking veggies (up to a stack of five) and replanting them to shift columns of brightly coloured crops up and down. Aligning at least three of the same vegetable will match them, clearing them from the field and shifting everything below up to fill the gap. More points are awarded for diagonal matches, and combos multiply score earned. The objectives and mechanics also change from puzzle to puzzle, bringing additional variance to the gameplay. On one plot you might need to match carrots while avoiding potatoes, while the next might only allow diagonal matches as you score against a clock. This is the default way to play the game, but when selecting an episode, the player can select their preferred playstyle. “Balanced Bun” is the default mix of all types, while “Puzzle Bun” focuses on slower, more methodical goals. And for those of you who are all about speed and combo chains, “Action Bun” is the playstyle for you. Additionally, if you have a friend over, you can play through each episode in local co-op!
As you progress through the story, you will meet other bunnies (and non-bunnies) with unique, equally endearing personalities and traits. Garlic, the first bunny you meet, can speak to animals. Carrot is a genius inventor and creates a robo-bun to help you on your journey. Rowan is an anti-social bookworm who runs a traveling Hare-dye Shoppe. And at this shop you can spend hearts earned from completing puzzles to purchase different colours and sparkle effects to customize your outfits. These outfits and other customizations can also be earned through gifts at the end of each episode, depending on your relationships with characters.
If you’re a fan of magical-girl anime, match-3 puzzles, and cute bunnies, then Princess Farmer might just be the game for you! You can head on over to the Xbox Store to pick up the game and start matching veggies today!
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