Protótipo de Super Mario World (EUA) é descoberto e lançado

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
Video game preservation site Forest of illusion has a lovely surprise for Nintendo fans as they have secured a prototype for Super Mario World (USA) and have not only showcased it, but they have released it for fans to enjoy. The prototype is from 25th October, 1990, which is before the iconic Super Nintendo game hit retailer shelves across the United States. Super Mario World (USA) features some different dialogue, visual changes, with plenty of additional debugging features being present. As it is a localisation prototype, there’s plenty of debugging options to play around with. For instance, you can walk Mario around the map and choose which stage to play, Mario can not die so you don’t have to worry about 1Ups, and you can choose any power-up that you want to use at any point. Here’s a video showcasing Super Mario World (USA) and you can find more at the link here.
“I’m sorry Boo Jackson, I am for real….”
Mario if he real
Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like Boo Diddly 😂
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