Reino Unido: Os dez maiores lançamentos de jogos da linha principal de Pokémon

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
Games Industry has updated the top ten chart for the biggest mainline Pokemon video game launches in the United Kingdom. The biggest launch game by units sold is Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon on the Nintendo 3DS system and it is followed by the recently released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. We have also posted the biggest Pokemon mainline game launches by revenue in the United Kingdom with the leader being Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on the Nintendo Switch family of systems.
Seeing Sword/Shield and Scarlet/Violet so high on this list is disappointing. The games get worse while the sales keep on getting better
Wal mart employees tend to suck. I was falsely accused of stealing pokemon shining pearl.
My favorite gym leader from Pokemon Violet and Scarlet is Lono the electric gym leader and streamer. Her dialogue was written perfectly and the gym test was better then the others I’ve done so far.
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