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Renascimento de Diablo 3 pode retornar em Diablo 4

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Born again.
Blizzard has suggested Diablo 3’s Rebirth feature could come to Diablo 4.
Earlier this year, Blizzard confirmed that Diablo 4 required players to create new characters each season. This sparked debate across the board, with many believing the decision would leave a sour taste in the mouths of Diablo 4’s more casual players.
But while controversial, this move is similar to how seasonal content worked in Diablo 2’s ladders and Diablo 3’s seasons. Diablo 3 did have something else going for it, however – the Rebirth feature.
This feature essentially allowed players to select one of their non-season characters, and pop them over to the new season as a seasonal character.
This character would have all of their gear stripped from them, and be reduced back down to level one.
Now, Blizzard’s global community development director Adam Fletcher has acknowledged that many are keen to see this feature implemented in Diablo 4.
“Rebirth isn’t a feature in D4 yet,” Fletcher said. “But we’ve heard this a bunch so the team is aware.”
While far from a promise, it sounds from that “yet” as if Blizzard is at least considering bringing its Rebirth feature to Diablo 4 at some point in the future.
Rebirth isn’t a feature in D4 yet. But we’ve heard this a bunch so the team is aware.
As for those seasons, Diablo 4’s first season – known as Season of the Malignant – will go live on 20th July.
With a new boss battle, questline and gear to get your hands on, this season will introduce “decaying abominations” Malignant Monsters that roam through Sanctuary in a frenzy.
Alongside Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, a new questline will focus on tackling these new enemies. Cormond will train you to “capture the Malignant hearts” that are the source of the monsters’ power, and “convert them into build-altering powers”. You can see a trailer for this upcoming season in the video above.
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