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Today is an exciting moment for us at Iron Galaxy. After a summer of playtesting and anticipation, Rumbleverse is live! If you haven’t had a chance to play with us yet, this new brawler royale is free to play and available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Give it a download and check it out.
Rumbleverse is set in Grapital City, a place that was built by champions as a monument to the glorious traditions of melee combat. Every citizen of this city dreams of being the last one standing in the Rumble. You’re invited to join them. This new competitive experience brings 40 players together to see who is the best. The combat is wild and the setting is hilarious. You’ll see what we mean when you chokeslam someone from the top of a building onto the corner of Jabrone Street and Pile Drive.
This game is all about melee combat on a huge scale. The first step in your career as a Rumbler is to create a unique character. Then, you’ll make your way to the Battle Barge to get shot out of a cannon. Fly through the air and choose your landing zone in the streets, or on top of any skyscraper. You’ll hunt for crates filled with upgrades and weapons, smash them open, and then bring the fight to your opponents.
There are a lot of choices for you to make as you perfect your fighting style. Just about everything in the city streets can be used as a weapon. If you can pick it up, you can throw it! Dash from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of a worthy battle. Combine different moves and attacks to knock out your opponents. The fighting ring will shrink over time, so don’t let yourself get counted out by the referees.
We have different ways for you to play. If you’re an experienced fighter, Solo mode is a great way to jump into the action and take on everyone else in the city. If you’d rather learn the ways of the Rumble at your own pace, Playground mode lets you explore Grapital City and check out different training modules scattered across the map. If playing with a friend is more your style, form up into a tag team and fight back-to-back.
A new community is taking shape around Rumbleverse today, and we’re looking forward to an awesome journey together. This is just the beginning. Season One kicks off next week on August 18, with a whole new path of unlocks and ranks to earn. From there, we’ll have a whole series of updates, special events, gear refreshes, and community contests to enjoy. This will be fun. We hope you’ll join us.
The game is afoot. The Rumble calls.
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