Rumor: Remake de Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings vindo da Bandai Namco e Monolith Soft

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A juicy new rumour seems to be doing the rounds, which if true, could be incredibly exciting and fairly surprising at the same time. Exputer is reporting from their sources that Bandai Namco and Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft have been working together to produce a remake of the GameCube game Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean to the Nintendo Switch with Nintendo overseeing the project. We have already heard that Bandai Namco is working on a Nintendo game from one of their job listings on their official website. Bandai Namco also trademarked the game back in the summer of 2021 here in Europe. As always this news is clearly marked as a rumour at present and no official announcement has been made by any of the studios mentioned.
“Now, however, sources have confirmed that the first Baten Kaitos game is getting a remake exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. eXputer has seen graphical evidence of the title under development but is unable to share any of it publicly at this moment in time.”
“Sources have also said that the release date for this remake is planned to be sometime in the summer of 2023 and that a reveal is possible during this year’s E3.”
“Moreover, the remake is in the works by the game’s original developer Monolith Studio— a Nintendo-owned company — right alongside Bandai Namco. Additionally, Nintendo is involved in the new remake and will work with the two developers to oversee the title’s development.”
I’ll believe it when I see it from the horse’s mouth. Don’t give us hope. Remember when these rumors said Mother 3 was finally being localized? Good times.
Ugh, remake. Why. How about a 3rd game
Because hardly anyone bought the original, it’s simple math ya genius.
with a niche few who know about the game today, do you think newcomers would buy a 3rd game if they made a direct sequel? The budget for a 3rd game for a very niche series almost 20 years old wouldn’t even be considered let alone the profit/revenue to cover the budget lol
I too would rather have a third game, also Origins is the superior game of the two by far, so if ne is to be remade I’d rather it be that one.
Oh plz be true! If a remake does better than the original, we could get Origins remade, & if that one does just as good, then we can talk about a 3rd game! If Nintendo could get Xenosaga & Xenogears from Bandai Namco & Sony, let those get remakes, then we would have a lot of games from Monolith Soft on Switch. A section in the eShop could be called the Monolith Series.
Not another remake!!! Make a new game! It’s like an admission that the past was better than the present or the future. It’s because today they have no creativity, spark or vision.
Not really. Remakes were very numerous during the 90s and early 00s which is often touted as the golden age of gaming. A remake would make it more accessible to people who never grew up with the system, and honestly more palatable to those who think the in-game models look like potatoes. If you wanna buy the games on original hardware you’re going to have to shell out $300, and that is not counting whether or not you have a Wii or GameCube already on hand. As someone who owns Eternal Wings and Origins, I think a remake or port of these two games is completely justified before we get a third version.
Of course the past was better. Is there any doubt about that yet? Each generation is worse than the previous one, as long as the “hurr graphics and live service” crap continues.
Correct me if i’m wrong, one of these games never made its to europe right?
Yeah, Origins never saw an official European release. You either have to jailbreak your console and shell out around $180 for a copy of Origins, or pirate it if we never get a remake of it.
I remember playing one of these on my Gamecube I liked the card base battle and if you had data from one you would get extra cards if you started playing the new game.
Yeah really because if you want a new Baten Kaitos youcan go stick it because they wont make one.
Then keep playing the same games over and over. Again if that’s what you want rather than a new game, then its either because the the old games are better or they can’t make a quality new game. Endless remakes every generation sucks. Each gen should have it’s own.
If that’s what you think then it’s on you. This is done by the same studio who does Xenoblade, and that series is about as solid as Baten Kaitos.
You have new games coming out every year to enjoy, a few remakes is not gonna destroy you or the industry lol you act as if there’s no new games at all. Go and play the new games and leave the remakes for the rest of us who want to play it on modern consoles and not want to pirate the game or shell out $200+ for an old console and rare game.
I like how people are complaining about a remake, first of all no one bought the original and second, there is absolutely no rerelease on other Nintendo platforms so of course a remake is needed. I don’t believe in rumors and i do want this but i ain’t believing it until the horse’s mouth says otherwise.
People are going to complain whenever FE PoR gets a port or remaster too despite the original being crazy expensive and the series having no shortage of new installments. It’s all so tiresome.
Like I said,enjoy playing it over and over and over because you won’t get any original ones ever. Why should they make new games if you love the old ones so much?
I have the originals. I’m not poor. I want a new one now.
That’s a good way to get the series to die for good. Do you expect people to play a story driven game that’s connected to the stories of the previous two titles that they’ve never played and not have some sort of problem with it? People complain about Kingdom Hearts 3 even when the collections made it accessible to them. We’re not talking about the same fans playing it again, we’re talking about a new generation of gamers experiencing it and revitalizing the series. You’re either a troll or you’re not comprehending what I’m saying.
Oh please please please let this be true!!! It’s one of my all time favorite games and I would be so ecstatic to see the series revived. If it ever is remade, I hope they stay true to the gorgeous soundtrack and artsy look and feel.
You are obviously the troll wanting people to have to play the old games instead of getting new ones. I dont care what your opinion is because I didnt ask for it. You arent comprehending what I’m saying troll. I want a NEW Baten Kaitos because I’ve played the old ones. And if people havent, then the series is already dead so start again with a new game. You are obtuse.
And if you think a new game cant stand on its own it is because of my original statement. It’s like an admission that the past was better than the present or the future. It’s because today they have no creativity, spark or vision.
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