Sackboy: A Big Adventure chega ao PC em 27 de outubro

Details on PC features and pre-purchase content.
That’s right! PlayStation’s iconic woolen hero is heading to PC! We’re so excited that a whole new audience of players is going to get the chance to join Sackboy on his big adventure.
Today, we’re delighted to be able to reveal details of the new features and enhancements that you can look forward to when the game releases on October 27 . There is also some great pre-purchase content available, see below for more details!
The first thing to call out is the new visuals. We wanted this game to visually stunning on PC, so with that goal in mind here are some of the new graphical features we’ve added to make the most of your hardware:
·   4K with target @ 120FPS1. The stunning patchwork of Craftworld is rendered in beautiful 4K detail.
·   Deep Learning Super Sampling. NVIDIA DLSS2 increases graphics performance using dedicated processors found only on GeForce RTX GPUs, boosting frame rates with uncompromised image quality.
·   VRR. Variable refresh rate support makes Sackboy more responsive than ever.2
While we have added all these new graphical features for players with high-end machines, we’ve also worked hard to make sure that a range of different hardware is supported. Here are the details of the minimum and recommended specs:
On top of these great visual features, we have also added a whole bunch of peripheral and customisation options. Full support for the DualSense controller heightens the immersion through haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects.4 For those who prefer mouse and keyboard there is support for both during gameplay and in the UI. The game also supports achievements and cloud saves on both Steam and the Epic Game Store.
So that’s a flavor of the great new enhancements we’ve added to the PC version. We’re also excited to announce that if you pre-purchase the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store ahead of its release on October 27  you will get access to four special PlayStation icon costumes and emotes with which to customize your Sackboy:
One final note, the game is great in single player, however when played in co-op a whole new level of chaotic multiplayer fun ensues! So, make sure you share the experience with your friends.
We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Sackboy: A Big Adventure when it releases on PC on October 27.
1 Compatible PC and display with HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 1.4 required
2 Compatible HDMI 2.1 display device required
3 Compatible PC and display device required
4 Use wired connection to experience full set of DualSense controller features in game.

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