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Shadow Warrior 3 ganha data de lançamento em março

Wang’s out.
Having been punted clear of its original 2021 launch window last October, Shadow Warrior 3 finally has a release day, with developer Flying Wild Hog now confirming it’ll be whipping its Wang out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC from 1st March.
This third entry in the delightfully gaudy rebooted FPS series – inspired by 3D Realms’ 1997 shooter Shadow Warrior – once again focuses on the adventures of protagonist Lo Wang, this time on a quest to recapture an ancient dragon unleashed from its eternal prison.
Players can expect more of the Shadow Warrior series’ intoxicating blend of gun- and katana-based first-person combat for this third outing as Wang – with assistance from “former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick” Orochi Zilla – makes his way across Neo-Feudal Japan.
Shadow Warrior 3 – Launch Date Trailer.
It’s not quite business as usual, however; Shadow Warrior 3 expands on the series’ acrobatic action, bolstering Wang’s usual free-running-style move set – which includes air dashes, wall runs, and double jump – with a new grappling hook ability. Additionally, there are some structural tweaks, with Flying Hog previously revealing the game will lean a little more heavily on linear stages, rather than replicating the somewhat divisive open-world structure of part 2.
Shadow Warrior 3 will cost £34.99 when it comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on 1st March.
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