Siga o caminho da aventura e descubra o tesouro secreto em Gems of War no Xbox

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Gems of War, a must-play for match-3 RPG fans, introduces its first major update of 2022: The Secret Hoard! Experience new features that are sure to help any new budding hero explore the ever-expanding and deep world of Krystara.
Travel the Adventurer’s Path!
We have completely revamped our new player introduction to Gems of War with the Adventurer’s Path. This pass-like system will gradually familiarize players with the game’s many different systems. Unlock knowledge and sweet loot with every level gained along the path!
A New Pass for New Heroes
Along with the Adventurer’s Path, all new players will now have the ability to purchase and unlock the all-new Hero Pass! The new Hero’s pass will offer extra rewards along the Adventurer’s Path for new players starting their journey in Krystara. It will also be available for instant rewards from current players who purchase the new pass.
Complete New Quests
Discover more about Krystara and its heroes through World Quests! These quests will introduce new game modes and features to early players. Expect more addition to this system in the future as well!
The Mimics have Invaded
Is it a boss chest, or is it a mimic? More surprises are inbound as mimics have invaded and now have a chance to replace the boss chest at the end of Explore Mode. Defeat the mimics to claim their greater rewards and find the Hoard Mimic to uncover true riches.
Discover all the new ways to experience Gems of War in our first major update of the year, The Secret Hoard. From the makers of Puzzle Quest, Gems of War is a free strategy-based deck-building match 3 RPG that will satisfy players old and new. Unlock your adventure today!
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