Skyrim Anniversary Edition para Switch está disponível hoje por US $ 70 ou uma atualização de US $ 20

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Nintendo of America has announced that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available today but the bad news is it will cost you $70 for the privilege of owning it. If you own the original Skyrim on Nintendo Switch you can upgrade for $20. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch obviously doesn’t feature 4K and HDR and the increased visual fidelity like the PlayStation and Xbox versions, which launched a while back. However, it does contain all the downloadable content, new content and the mods from the official Creation Club.
The Anniversary Edition includes a decade worth of content: the critically acclaimed core game and add-ons of Skyrim Special Edition, plus pre-existing and new content from Creation Club including quests, dungeons, bosses, weapons, spells, and more.
The anniversary edition is most definitely worth the price, the extra content was created by the creation club and tested by Bethesta and is still classified as dlc even tho it wasn’t actually created by Bethesta. The Anniversary edition also includes the ability to fish, the $20 pricetag for the anniversary edition upgrade or paying full price is worth it for the amount of content. Because it includes all the expansions, all the creation club content and the fishing.
A $70 pricetag might seem kinda overpriced for a 10 year old game, your not getting the Skyrim standard edition it’s the special edition that includes all the previously released expansions. The Anniversary edition is basically everything bundled together and then some. The creation club content works just like additional content.
Twice I tried to get into this game, and both times it just didn’t grab me. Probably goes without saying, but I’ll be passing on this anniversary edition.
…Pretty sure my old roommate took my copy of the game to Cali anyway.
When Skyrim came out on the Switch many were complaining about the pricetag and how its cheaper on PS4. I bought it in a heartbeat without caring what anyone said because A I don’t buy games each and every day so its OK if I have to pay real money for it once in a while and B Skyrim would be worth double the price at any time. And I’m by no means a fanboy, but even a Skyrim hater should be able to agree that the sheer amount of content within this package combined with what you can do with this content in all possible combinations is just mindblowing. Today of course you have to accept some limits that come with its age, but if you can get into it, its still an amazing game. Or an amazing world of games, as it can’t even be broken down to one single genre. And to this day I haven’t even found the time to play through all the DLCs yet.
So if they wanna release some new edition every two years, let them. Noone is forced to buy it and people who were on the fence about getting it a few years ago but didn’t mit get a great package now.
This edition of the game is $50 digitally on PS4/PS5 not on sale, so this is a… questionable price, especially for Switch.
People question why it’s $70usd but fail to realize that there there are $70 Switch games on Play-Asia or similar sights and keep in mind that in the USA it would be $60. Also the Skyrim on Switch is $50 and are adding $20 plus you get the added benefit of amiibo support be it official or that thing Datel sells usually on Amazon and GameStop.
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