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We’re excited to share that Miasma Chronicles is launching tomorrow, May 23, on Xbox Series X|S and we can’t wait to see your reactions and thoughts as you experience a New America.
For those unaware, Miasma Chronicles is a tactical turn-based RPG, a genre the team at The Bearded Ladies know well from their previous game, Mutant Year Zero. In Miasma Chronicles, you join Elvis and Diggs on a journey of discovery through a wasteland reeling from the ecological effects of a savage force known as the Miasma.
Miasma Chronicles has been made with playability in mind by paying homage to many tactical games of the past — we wanted to create a game that allowed for the player to take control of the battlefield. To help prepare you for the adventure ahead, Bearded Ladies Game Director Lee Varley and Producer Mark Parker share their top tips and tricks to help guide you through your time with Miasma Chronicles.
Exploration is key. Not only is the world filled with useful items to discover, but it also pays to scope out any enemies you come across. Easy stealth kills? Someone next to an exploding barrel? A big group standing together waiting for a nice grenade in the middle? Opportunities are everywhere.
Guns can be much more useful than just raw damage output, most guns come with a special built in “bonus” ability which if used correctly (and stacked with the best weapon upgrades) can be very effective. Just because a gun has lower damage output, does not mean it is worse.
In combat, you can inspect any enemy character to see what skills and abilities they possess. If you come across a new enemy type, it might be worth checking them out to see what nasty surprise they have in store, and ultimately how you can counter it.
Look for skill synergies, some party members skills might seem not very useful at first, but used together can be very powerful.
Don’t forget the Miasma Chips! In the right combinations, already powerful Miasma powers can be upgraded with special coloured hack chips, which if used correctly can be utterly devastating!
Don’t waste a rage shot! If you have full rage, you can do 100%+ critical damage, but the shot RNG still applies, so try not to gamble your precious rage shot away on a low chance to hit. Additionally, Rage can be stacked! Any critical chance above 100% gets converted to extra damage. Many different skills and weapon attachments give critical bonuses in specific situations. Learn how to stack them crits for massive damage.
When using weapons holding multiple rounds, combine your overwatch cones from more than one party member to hit multiple enemies.
Look for high ground, you get a nice critical chance bonus with each shot, and with the right weapon attachments you can get this bonus even higher.
You can pick up Miasma Chronicles on the Xbox Store starting Tuesday, May 23, 2023.
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