Square Enix anuncia lançamento de DioField Chronicle em setembro e demo no próximo mês

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Square Enix and developer Lancarse has announced the worldwide release date for their upcoming strategy RPG, The DioField Chronicle, and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 22nd September. Prospective purchasers will also be pleased to hear that a demo will be available on the eShop from 10th August giving you a chance to experience the first chapter of the game and your progress will be saved and naturally continue when you purchase the full game. Square Enix calls The DioField Chronicle a “new simulation RPG with cutting-edge graphics” and you can check out the trailer for the game here. Here’s what to expect:
『The DioField Chronicle』は2022年9月22日(木)に発売が決定しました。7/7(木)より予約受付を開始します。

体験版は8月10日を予定しております。こちらもどうぞご期待ください。#DFC #ディオフィールドクロニクル #TheDioFieldChronicle
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