Tactics Ogre: Reborn vaza na PS Store com capturas de tela, data de lançamento e descrição

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A remastered version of the PlayStation Portable game Tactics Ogre: Reborn has leaked on the PlayStation Store and the listing contains in-game screenshots and description along with a release date of 11th November, 2022. It’s not clear whether the classic strategy game is coming to other platforms, but as it has yet to be officially announced by Square Enix, there’s certainly a chance. Tactics Ogre Reborn contains improved visuals and sound, as well as updated game design. You can check out some of the screenshots from the game down below.
Im perfectly ok with this article, however certain individuals here might not be. You know “being a Nintendo fourm” and whatnot. Because apparently i can’t post about PlayStation on a Nintendo fourm im just suppose to read articles about it.
Looks like my kinda game, lovee strategy rpg’s and RTS games.
This isn’t strictly a Playstation article tho, since the Tactics Ogre series has 5 total games; 4 of which were on Nintendo consoles. There’s a very likely chance this’ll come to switch.
I really hope this is coming to switch tho. I much preferred the ogre games over Final Fantasy tactics.
Completely agree with you on this. Like I stated to Nikki the author should have included this information because it makes the article more relevant.
I also agree with enjoying ogre over FF.
I see what you are saying but considering all the Oder battle games were in Nintendo except this one I would say it’s more of a rumor and maybe article. The author should have included this info and been like , will it come to switch also? Even though they didn’t I find it to be relevant because I already know this information.
So this is the game that inspired Triangle Strategy…. I love TS so I’m sure I’ll love this too when it comes to Switch (and it will).
I’m certain you would since you enjoyed TS. You should definitely give the earlier games a shot, unless you want this remake to be your first experience to the series. The SNES has Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen & Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (The entry that this is a remake of), and the GBA has Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. There’s also the 64 entry; Person of Lordly Caliber, which was also ported to Wii, but Wii shop is discontinued….
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