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The previews have finally come in for the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and as expected they are gushing with praise for the game’s new mechanics and freedom. The game’s new mechanics such as Ultra Hand, Fuse, and other innovations implemented in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seem to offer endless creativity for tinkering. Here’s a snipper from a selection of the previews:
“It’s difficult to gauge a game as sprawling as Tears of the Kingdom after playing for only an hour, but the potential combination of Breath of the Wild’s wonder with Minecraft’s creativity makes this seem like another potentially big winner for Nintendo.”
“Leaving my hands-on demo, I’m equal parts excited and intimidated by what The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings to the table. On one hand, I cannot wait to see just how clever and nearly game-breaking we can get using these various mechanics; it’s truly amazing to see Nintendo react to the community’s creativity in Breath of the Wild with a sequel that leans into how players used the mechanics in ways they probably never thought of. In giving players even more tools (and just as many new problems to solve), Nintendo is showing it’s not afraid of letting players loose in a massive open world with perhaps the most open-ended mechanics it has ever implemented.”
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“All in all, from Ultrahand to Fuse and dozens of sky islands, these are just some of the things that make this game – the rare direct sequel to a previous Zelda game – feel the most fresh so far. That’s because lots of animations, objects, outfits, sounds, and more feel very similar to Breath of the Wild, which is admittedly a slight letdown based on how much of that game hinged around surprise and discovery. But Tears of the Kingdom is layered (or, uh, tiered) and the way you interact with nearly everything has evolved in creative and dramatic ways, so I have little doubt that there won’t be a million new things to do and see in the full game. For now, I’m giddy to not only experience it all myself but to also see how the surely massive player base will make and break this game in brilliant and silly ways. With every puzzle and conflict having such a ridiculous array of solutions, the results will likely be endlessly astonishing and entertaining, especially if you look at what hardcore Breath of the Wild players have already been doing for years in a game where it often feels like you weren’t supposed to do those things. Nintendo has taken that ideology and legalized it in Tears of the Kingdom and that’s immensely exciting, even if it means there will be lots of hilarious fumbling and falling along the way.”
That’s all fine and good but, does it have classic dungeons?
We don’t know for sure yet, but honestly? Probably. Or at least it has a lot more classic environments instead of just a bunch of shrine aesthetics. Shrine type of “dungeon” layouts appear to be completely gone, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the sky islands are replacements for them. There’s definitely more large structures in the world from what we’ve seen, so yeah that’s why I think it’s likely we’ll get some classic dungeons.
Yeah, I‘m worried that there won‘t be classic dungeons too (like in Zelda: Ocarina or time). The „main dungeons“ in Breath of the Wild were all too similar. Give us 9-12 big dungeons with unique bosses (not just variations of gods with the same art style) and give us the hard mode from the beginning.
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